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If you are seeking a trustworthy internet banking system vendor, get in touch with SAB. Since 1989, this publisher is specialized in IT solutions for banks and financial institutions to help them carry out their digital transformation. On top of powerful yet flexible software, SAB provides customers with high quality services to select the applications that best fit their needs and successfully implement them.

SAB: internet and IT banking system specialist

The Integrated banking software and efficient SaaS banking solutions developed by SAB help identify the needs of each institution and can be configured according to the ecosystems in which they will be deployed. SAB is a leader in the design of efficient SaaS banking solutions which is addressed in particular to banks that need to manage IF infrastructure. More than just an internet banking system vendor, SAB is a reference in the editing, creating, deploying and integrated front office solutions for banking all this time, she worked in partnership with more than one hundred companies.

Internet banking system editor

Perhaps no other advance in technology has had a greater effect on the business of banking than the Internet. Whereas clients in the past had to go to a branch to do their banking business, the modern banking customer simply accesses their account from the comfort of their own home or even on the the go from their smartphone. This has made retail banking a 24/7 business and has resulted in significant gains for both customer and bank. No longer do customers have to worry about branch or call centre opening hours when doing their bank business. This means essentially that banking is self-service, which means that the customer carries out his own banking transactions. It does not need any of the old model requiring intervention of banking staff. For the bank, the benefits are just as great, with huge cost savings to be made in branches and call centres. Selecting an Internet banking system vendor is now core to any bank and key criteria should be met by any prospective provider.

Selecting an Internet banking system vendor

Any Internet banking system vendor should be able to demonstrate an online banking system that delivers real time access to account information and the ability to securely carry out a wide range of transactions but the requirements should not stop there. No online banking system can operate on its own and any Internet banking system vendor should be able to demonstrate an integrated system that works well with other banking applications. Ideally the Internet banking system vendor should have experience in deploying their own enterprise wide banking applications and also be able to integrate with third party data sources. The online system should also sit comfortably as just one strand in a multi-channel customer contact strategy which encompasses branch, telephone, ATM, and mobile components.

SAB as your Internet banking system vendor

SAB is a major banking software provider with applications in all areas of a bank's business. Our offering comprises both Front Office and Back Office software suites along with comprehensive reporting tools. Our experience of integrating banking solutions across the business is considerable and we are able to deploy either our own total solution or integrate with third party applications where banks wish to retain external systems. Our position as a leading Internet banking system vendor is therefore enhanced by our wider capabilities and our customers can benefit from our 20 years of experience in the banking software sector. With our comprehensive consultancy and services capability wedded to outstanding technology, we consider ourselves to be in prime position to be your Internet banking system vendor of choice.

All SAB software are meant to allow banks to focus on customers. Including 200+ modules, SAB applications are able to meet the banks and financial institutions specific requirements. Because banks can no longer delay their digital transformation, SAB’s tools improves banks’ bottom line

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