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SAB, the reference Islamic bank software provider

Choosing a reliable Islamic bank software provider is essential to leverage the advantages of digital technologies. Financial market players entrust SAB, a publisher specialized in back and front office applications for this industry. Its IT tools feature a wide range of functionalities to meet a wide variety of business requirements.

SAB: Islamic bank software provider

Addressing in particular to the all type of banks, back office software for banking developed by the team of developers of the SAB company should meet their needs especially if they are managing infrastructure SI. The back office software for banking and integrated banking software developed by SAB predict the needs of each organization and can be configured according to any constraints (regulatory, tax...) Having emerged in 1989, the SAB group is an Islamic bank software provider that publishes, develops, integrates and maintains the integrated front office solutions for banking and now has more than 150 partners.

Islamic bank software designer

SAB is a leading Islamic bank software provider. Our SAB AT Islamic banking solution has been designed from scratch to include native Islamic banking at its core. As a Islamic bank software provider, SAB took the decision from the outset not to simply adapt or modify a standard conventional banking system. Instead we designed a dedicated, next generation banking system for our Islamic clients, which seamlessly incorporates every demand from the most basic requirement of Islamic financial institutions to the most advanced features. Nor as a leading Islamic bank software provider did we think it was good enough to offer our Islamic clients a cut down solution with limited functionality. Instead you will find a comprehensive system with a full range of modules to handle the entire business of an Islamic financial institution.

What makes SAB a leading Islamic bank software provider ?

The SAB AT Islamic banking solution is designed to be a modular system but at the same time it is completely integrated with SAB AT modules. This allows our Islamic banking clients to draw every benefit from the overarching architecture and wider functionality of the SAB AT system. To cement our position as an Islamic bank software provider of choice, we have ensured that our Islamic banking system is extremely flexible with client definable parameters. This enables Islamic financial organisations to tailor the solution on a number of levels to meet their precise requirements. The SAB AT solution is maintained as a single version solution across all of our clients. When we created this modular system, we keep in mind to fully integrated with other SAB AT modules in order to provide our Islamic banking clients with a flexible system which also benefits from the architecture and functionality of the SAB AT system. This results in the system being extremely flexible and able to provide first class services to 150 clients in 25 countries.

A committed Islamic bank software provider

Of course, the SAB AT Islamic banking solution adheres to the guidelines of the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) and also the Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB). It also complies with International Accounting Standards (IAS)to provide the Islamic finance industry with a fully compliant banking solution. As a major Islamic bank software provider, we have created SAB Islamic Financial Management (IFM) as a dedicated division of SAB, with a team of specialists who ensure that our Islamic banking offer is ideal for our Islamic clients. They also offer specialised consulting to Islamic financial institutions to ensure proper and trouble free set up of our Islamic banking solutions. With offices in Dubai, Lebanon and Tunisia, SAB are ideally placed to be your Islamic bank software provider.

All SAB software are meant to help banks in delivering an exceptional multi-channel customer experience. Considering the increased emphasis on new technologies, having this IT solutions vendor as a partner is advisable to move towards operational excellence and supplement their revenues. With a wide range of universal banking tools, its tools cover all areas of banking.

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