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Not only Islamic bank software have to enable financial institutions provide the best possible experience to their customers, but it has to comply with local constraints such as tax rules, etc. Therefore, partnering with a specialist is crucial. SAB is the reference provider of such IT solutions that can be personalized according to each company’s requirements.

SAB: Islamic bank software editor

Since its inception in 1989, the SAB is a reference in the development, deployment of efficient SaaS banking solutions as Islamic bank software. Since then has continued to forge partnerships with more than one hundred organizations. SAB is specialized in the design of efficient SaaS banking solutions which is intended in particular to banks that need to manage infrastructure SI. Integrated front office solutions for banking and integrated banking software developed by SAB can be configured based on existing constraints (regulatory, tax...), and can anticipate the needs of each organization while optimizing the costs of deployment and investment costs .

Islamic bank software supplier

SAB is proud to be a leading supplier of Islamic bank software. We have dedicated substantial resources in order to ensure that our Islamic finance customers receive the best technology and services that we can provide. Our SAB AT Islamic banking solution, for example, has been designed from scratch as a completely dedicated Islamic bank software solution. In designing our Islamic banking solution, we started from first principles, making sure that the system was not just an enhanced or modified version of our conventional banking software but instead a dedicated system with the needs of our Islamic clients built in from the start. SAB's Islamic bank software can cope with both basic and advanced needs of Islamic banks and is designed to be highly flexible.

Modular Islamic bank software from SAB

The modular nature of our Islamic bank software means that it is fully integrated with other SAB AT modules, thus allowing Islamic clients to benefit from the wider architecture and functionality of the SAB AT system. It is also driven by user definable parameters, meaning that Islamic banks can adapt the solution at various levels to suit their specific needs. SAB's Islamic bank software has also been developed as a single version solution across all client deployments. This strategy has allowed us to provide an excellent solution to a considerable client base of some 150 finance institutions spread over 25 different countries. SAB Islamic bank software is also compliant with the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) and Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB) while also meeting International Accounting Standards (IAS) requirements.

Choosing an Islamic bank software vendor

In addition to working hard to develop a next generation Islamic banking solution, SAB has made sure we are in prime position to deliver the complementary services and business structure which are vital to ensuring a successful deployment. We have set up SAB Islamic Financial Management (IFM), for example, as a dedicated business unit to serve our Islamic bank software clients. SAB IFM boasts a team of specialists to provide advice and support to our Islamic clients on all aspects of deploying our Islamic financial solution. We have a our team of experts who assist our Islamic clients with pre-implementation guidance, scoping and consultancy. This is then followed by proven project management as well as tailored post-implementation support. Furthermore, with offices in Dubai, Lebanon and Tunisia, we are ideally placed to provide all necessary support and guidance to our Islamic clients. In short, we believe that our combination of specialist software, dedicated business team and experienced consultants makes us the ideal choice as your Islamic banking solutions partner.

SAB supplies advanced IT solutions that enable banks seize all opportunities brought by new technologies in this industry and engage users. Flexibility is one of these software’ most important strenghts ; therefore, they can be tailored according to each company’s specific imperatives. Because of their increased emphasis on digital technologies, new technologies completely overturn the ways banks operate ; in this respect, SAB’s tools gives a boost to banks’ profitability

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