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In order to fully benefit from the power of digital technologies, using advanced Islamic bank IT solutions is mandatory for all market players. SAB supplies complete yet flexible applications for both back and front office operations and its team is committed to support each company to find the tool that can meet its business requirements.

SAB: Islamic bank solutions provider

SAB publishes, develops, deploys and provides continuous monitoring of the integrated front office solutions for banking, including Islamic bank IT solutions and has to his credit more than 150 references. Meet the needs of financial institutions in terms of information systems is what engages the SAB is a leader in the development of Integrated banking software. The back office applications for banking and integrated banking software are adaptable according to the environments in which they will be used, and to determine the needs of each institution while optimizing operating costs and investment.

Islamic bank solutions editor

At SAB, we are proud of our Islamic bank solutions. From the outset, we decided to commit substantial resources to this important market and to develop a comprehensive products and services offer that would cement our place as a leading supplier of Islamic bank solutions. To achieve this goal, we undertook to create dedicated Islamic bank solutions, designed from the ground up as an indigenous Islamic application. This is in stark contrast to other Islamic financial applications which are in reality simply modified and cut down versions of conventional banking applications. The SAB suite of Islamic bank solutions are engineered on a modular basis for maximum integration and flexibility, allowing SAB's Islamic clients to benefit from the overall SAB architecture and functionality. SAB's Islamic clients will also find that the solution is highly parametric, allowing individual banks to customise the applications to suit their own needs without recourse to specialised IT skills.

Islamic bank solutions from SAB

SAB understands the specific needs of the Islamic finance community and has taken great care to ensure that our Islamic bank solutions meet the criteria specified by the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) and also the Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB). At the same time our software also adheres to International Accounting Standards (IAS) regulations. We have adopted a single version strategy for all of our client deployments, resulting in an extremely flexible system which provides excellent service to 150 different clients in 25 countries. With such experience, we are confident that SAB Islamic bank solutionsprovide best-fit functionality for both the basic and more advanced needs of our Islamic clients.

Supporting our Islamic bank solutions

We at SAB know that to be the Islamic bank solutions vendor of choice requires us to provide our Islamic clients with more than just industry leading software. that is why we also offer a full range of consultancy and services to compliment our technology. Our clients benefit from the expertise of our consultants who are experienced in delivering comprehensive pre-implementation guidance and advice, along with strong project management and tailored post-implementation support. These services are delivered from our dedicated Islamic finance business unit, SAB Islamic Financial Management, as we are vastly experienced in integrating these solutions with the wider applications and business of the bank. Operating from offices in Dubai, Lebanon and Tunisia, we are sure that our combination of leading technology, tailored services, dedicated business and local presence makes us the Islamic finance partner of choice in this complex sector.

All software developped by SAB are intended to allow banks to build a great omnichannel customer experience. Flexibility is one of its tools’ most important strenghts ; therefore, they can be personalized according to each company’s specific needs. With the increased emphasis on new technologies, this IT solutions supplier has a mission to support players in the financial services and banking industry to reach operational excellence and up their outcomes.

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