Islamic finance software provider

Stay ahead of a quickly changing marketplace with a Islamic finance software provider

An Islamic finance software provider is a strategic partner for all companies that seek adequate tools to optimize their organization and provide a great omnichannel customer experience. SAB’s offer include IT solutions for this kind of institutions: including a wide set of functionalities, its applications can cover all aspects of their business and help them increase efficiency and profitability.

SAB: Islamic finance software designer

Since its inception in 1989, the SAB Group is specialized in the development, deployment integrated front office solutions for banking and since then has continued to develop partnerships with more than one hundred companies. Meet the needs of banks in terms of IS, this is what is intended for the back office applications for banking is developed by the team of developers of the SAB which is also a Islamic finance software designer. The back office applications for banking and integrated front office solutions for banking developed by SAB are configurable based on existing constraints (regulatory, tax...), and can anticipate the needs of each institution while optimizing operating costs and capital costs.

Islamic finance software provider

For a bank, choosing a technology partner is undoubtedly a major and strategic decision. Choosing an Islamic finance software provider though, is perhaps even more complex. Too many technology providers seem to view Islamic finance as just another market, with offerings which are simply re-purposed versions of conventional banking software. SAB takes a different approach. In order to become the Islamic finance software provider of choice for the Islamic banking community, we have created both a dedicated business and a bespoke software solution to cope with the demands of this complex arena. Our Islamic banking solution is a purpose built solution which is designed to meet both the fundamental and more complicated needs of the Islamic banking community. We designed a next generation banking system for all our Islamic clients, which seamlessly incorporates every demand from the most basic requirement of Islamic financial institutions to the most advanced features. Our determination to serve our clients as the leading Islamic finance software provider led us to create a modular system, fully integrated with other SAB AT modules in order to provide our Islamic banking clients with a flexible system which benefits from the architecture and functionality of the SAB AT system.

SAB's credentials as your Islamic finance software provider

SAB's Islamic banking solution is in no way a simple, customised version of a standard banking application. Instead it is a dedicated and next generation Islamic banking solution. Our parametric approach allows our Islamic clients to tailor the system specifically to their own requirements but our single version solution strategy maximises the flexibility of the system and has resulted in successful deployments with 150 clients across 25 countries. As a leading Islamic finance software provider we have also ensured that our Islamic banking solution meets Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) and Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB) standards, while adhering to International Accounting Standards (IAS) guidelines.

Choosing an Islamic finance software provider

At SAB, we are proud of our Islamic banking solution but we know that to retain our position as the Islamic finance software provider of choice, we must deliver more than just great technology. That is why we have created a dedicated business unit, SAB Islamic Financial Management, to manage our relationships with our Islamic banking clients. SAB IFM has a team of specialists with the knowledge and experience to provide comprehensive consultancy to Islamic financial organisations which ensures successful deployment of technical solutions. With offices in Dubai, Lebanon and Tunisia, we are also able to provide local services to our Islamic banking clients, as befits a leading Islamic finance software provider.

All SAB software are designed to enable banks to enhance customer experience on various channels. Flexibility is one of its applications’ biggest strenghts ; therefore, they cover all banking business lines. Because of their increasing role of digital technologies, new technologies disrupt the ways banks operate ; in this respect, SAB’s applications contributes to increasing banks’ bottom line Another argument in favor of SAB’s software is the personalized accompaniment provided by its team including survey, developing a solid value proposition, integration, and even after go-live, maintenance is carried out.

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