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If you plan to purchase Islamic finance software in order to improve your organization efficiency and profitability, you have to find a trustworthy publisher. SAB is the market leader when it comes to supply of front and back office applications for banking industry players.

Why choose SAB for buying Islamic finance software?

The company has continued to build partnerships with more than a hundred organizations, and that, since it invests the market for IT solutions in the late 80s. Meet the needs of financial institutions in terms of information systems, that is what is intended back office applications for banking is edited by SAB. The back office applications for banking and integrated banking software, but also the Islamic finance software proposed by SAB are suitable in particular under existing regulatory and fiscal constraints, and can anticipate the needs of each institution while reducing deployment costs and investment costs.

Islamic finance software

At SAB, we are proud of our approach to creating our leading Islamic finance software solution. Instead of simply re-purposing a conventional banking software package, we took the decision to invest in a purpose built Islamic finance software package, built from the ground up to deliver native Islamic banking functionality to our Islamic clients. In doing so we ensured that our Islamic finance software delivers all aspects of Islamic banking requirements, from basic operations to complex functionality. We then built our Islamic finance software with the same architectural structure as the wider SAB AT banking solution, ensuring our Islamic clients could benefit from the same comprehensive functionality as our conventional clients. This is a highly parametric and modular system, allowing clients to tailor the solution to meet their specific business requirements without recourse to specialist IT support.

Islamic finance software from SAB

From the outset, SAB has always retained the strategy of deploying a single version solution across all SAB clients. This approach results in an extremely adaptable and flexible system which as been deployed to 150 clients in 25 countries. We also ensure that our Islamic finance software meets all regulations of both the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) and the Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB). At the same time our Islamic finance softwaresolution adheres to all International Accounting Standards (IAS)guidelines. In this way our Islamic clients can be sure that their Islamic finance software from SAB is a fully compliant system.

Adding comprehensive services to SAB Islamic finance software

At SAB, we aim to be the Islamic banking software provider of choice and we know that producing industry leading software is not enough to achieve this goal. In addition we must provide our Islamic clients with a full professional services offer. That is why our team of experts assist our Islamic clients with pre-implementation guidance, scoping and consultancy; followed by proven project management and backed up by tailored post-implementation support. We believe that our combination of the following factors: specialist software, dedicated business team and experienced consultants -- makes us the ideal choice as your Islamic banking solutions partner.Similarly, we have shaped our business to provide the focus that our Islamic clients deserve. Our dedicated Islamic Financial Management business unit co-ordinates our efforts and provides a knowledgeable single point of contact for our Islamic clients. Finally, we know that it is important to be where our clients are in order to aid easy communication. That is why our Islamic Financial Management team operates out of offices in Dubai, Lebanon and Tunisia.

All software published by SAB are intended to help banks in delivering a positive customer experience through various channels. Composed of an extended set of universal banking functionalities, SAB applications allow a high degree of personalization according to each company’s specific challenges. With their increased emphasis on digital technologies, new technologies deeply change banks ways of doing business ; therefore SAB’s applications increases banks’ profitability Another argument in favor of SAB’s software is the professional services offered by its team of experts including diagnosis of your requirement and constraints, defining a solid value proposition, integration, and even after go-live, maintenance is assured.

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