Islamic finance solutions

SAB is a software publisher focused on Islamic finance solutions

In order to make the most of digital technologies, Islamic finance solutions have to be purchased from a trustworthy supplier. SAB has almost 30 years’ experience in publishing software for banks and financial institutions. Its back and front office applications feature a wide range of functionalities that allow them adapt to each company’s specific business requirements.

SAB: banking solution specialist

The integrated front office solutions for banking and efficient SaaS banking solutions developed by SAB can be configured according to the environments in which they will be deployed, and can anticipate the needs of each organization while optimizing the costs of deployment and investment costs. Integrated front office solutions for banking which is developed by the SAB are addressed in particular to banks that need to deploy infrastructure SI. Having emerged in 1989, SAB is a reference in the design, integration and support of integrated front office solutions for banking, but also of Islamic finance solutions, and has to his credit more than 150 references.

Islamic finance solutions

SAB is a leading supplier of Islamic finance solutions. Our commitment to the Islamic finance community can be easily seen from our approach to the market. Instead of simply adapting or modifying an existing conventional application, we took the decision to create bespoke Islamic finance solutions from the ground up. In this way the requirements of our Islamic banking clients are built in to our software from the outset, rather than simply being bolted on to a package that was never intended to have that functionality. We can therefore be confident that our Islamic finance solutions are able to meet both the basic and advanced requirements of our Islamic clients without any time consuming modifications. The SAB AT Islamic banking solution is built as a modular solution, which allows our Islamic client community to benefit from the broader architecture and functionality of the system without compromising any native Islamic functionality.

SAB as your Islamic finance solutions

SAB is a key player in the Islamic finance solutions market. Our Islamic finance solutions are built with flexibility in mind. The highly parametric structure allows Islamic clients to adapt the system to their specific requirements throughout the application. Our decision to maintain a single version solution for all clients has also enhanced flexibility, allowing us to successfully serve a client community of 150 financial institutions across 25 countries. SAB AT Islamic finance solutions also adhere to Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) and Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB) regulations along with International Accounting Standards (IAS) guidelines. In developing purpose-built Islamic finance solutions with clear adherence to industry standards, we are pleased to offer our Islamic clients a fully compliant banking solution.

Dedicated to Islamic finance solutions

At SAB we have taken great care to ensure we offer our Islamic clients the best combination of technology and services. SAB have over 130 banking clients on five different continents and more than 20 years of experience. In the midst of all of this, our Islamic Financial Management(IFM) division for example was created as a dedicated business to serve our Islamic clients. With a team of consultants experienced in developing and deploying Islamic finance solutions, we are on hand to ensure that our clients benefit from our extensive experience in this arena. We also understand the importance of partnership with our clients and have offices in Dubai, Lebanon and Tunisia in order to develop a deeper and more open relationship with our Islamic customers. We at SAB are confident that this combination of purpose built technology, expert services and geographical coverage makes us and ideal choice as your Islamic banking software partner.

All SAB software are designed to help banks in improving customer experience across multiple channels. With the growing presence of new technologies, this software supplier has a mission to aid players in the financial services and banking sector to reach operational excellence and increase their outcomes. Including a wide spectrum of universal banking tools, SAB tools are able to meet the banks and financial compagnies particular imperatives. In order to avoid any interruption of activity during process, SAB’s offer include technical support starting from pre-implementation of scope, consulting, integration up to staff training and consistent support after go-live.

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