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Meet the needs of banks in terms of information systems, that is what is intended by the efficient microfinance SaaS banking solutions is designed by SAB group. The SAB Group designs, develops, integrates and maintains the integrated front office solutions for banking, and since that time it has continued to forge partnerships with more than a hundred companies. Integrated front office solutions for banking and efficient microfinance SaaS banking solutions developed by SAB predict the needs of each institution and can be programmed based on the environments in which they will be used.

Microfinance SaaS solutions

Microfinance is one of the banking and financing solutions that became really popular in some areas. The financial services that it proposes to individuals and small companies seem to really help these latter to access some services that would normally be refused to them by classic and big banking establishments. The bulk of attention is focused on lending and credit facilities but microfinance can also involve other banking facilities, such as savings, transferring funds and insurance. One of the barriers to the success of this market segment is the cost and complexity of IT systems but microfinance SaaS solutions are perfectly placed to overcome these issues.

How microfinance SaaS solutions are different

These traditional IT and applications deployments require a significant investment in technology infrastructure. The microfinance institution must deploy PCs, computer servers, network technologies and data backup systems. They must also design security procedures, disaster recovery plans and employ the staff to maintain the systems. With microfinance SaaS solutions from SAB, much of this overhead is removed. SAB takes responsibility for the IT infrastructure and the software deployment. It also manages the backup and security issues. All the client needs to do is provide a PC with a standard browser and Internet connection. With just this basic equipment and minor investment, the microfinance institution can access the industry’s leading software.

Microfinance SaaS solutions benefits

With the technological and financial barriers to entry significantly lowered, the microfinance institution can immediately concentrate on providing professional services. Even in the start-up phase, when transactional volumes are small, microfinance SaaS solutions allow services to be delivered economically. The SAB solution delivers accelerated productivity and profitability, while improving the visibility and reliability of key financial information. The system also boasts a full suite of monitoring and reporting tools. The SaaS delivered SAB AT system is fully functional and extensible, delivering the features that microfinance institutions require in an flexible format. It also provides this functionality in a highly mobile business model.

Choosing fully functional and flexible microfinance SaaS solutions

It is vital that the microfinance solution chosen offers full functionality and flexible deployment to suit the largest and smallest institutions. Microfinance SaaS solutions from SAB boast full risk management and reporting capabilities as expected of a full-scale banking solution. It also provides real-time interoperability across every access channel and places the client at the centre of the solution. The parameterised nature of the solution allows for easy customisation and a workflow solution manages the credit application process from start to finish. In short, the SAB SaaS solution allows every institution to access the most advanced banking technologies available.

Since it entered the IT solutions market in the early 90s, SAB is specialized in publishing, design, deployment of banking software. To date, more than 150 organizations have assigned their confidence. Meeting banks’ needs of a modern information system is the aim of SAB’s integrated banking software. Its comprehensive front office solutions for banking can be customized based on any particular tax or regulatory constraints, and predict each organization specific requirements while reducing deployment costs and investment costs.

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