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Which microfinance SaaS provider contact?

If you want to use microfinance SaaS services, you first have to find a trustworthy provider that can help you to choose the right tools for your business. SAB is a specialist that proposes several IT solutions for banking and financial establishment that are available on Cloud or under license. We can also give you good advices for choosing the best solutions.

Why choose SAB ?

Optimizing the costs of deployment and investment costs, integrated banking software and efficient microfinance SaaS banking solutions developed by SAB are also programmable to ecosystems in which they are deployed. The company is a leader in the SAB edition of back office solutions for banking which solution should help meet the needs of banks for SI. Since its launch in 1989, the company SAB is leader in the design, integration of efficient SaaS banking solutions and since that time it has continued to develop the partnership with more than one hundred companies.

What make microfinance popular?

Microfinance is a fascinating and powerful new banking tool with the potential to change the industry and change lives. Microfinance refers to the provision of financial services to individuals and small businesses that do not normally have access to traditional forms of financial services. It most commonly involves credit and loans but can also encompass savings, insurance and fund transfers, more commonly associated with traditional banking. For microfinance SaaS is a perfect software delivery model. It allows smaller institutions to access professional banking applications without the need for an extensive IT infrastructure. This allows such institutions to grasp these opportunities and offer services almost instantly.

How microfinance SaaS services work

The cost of implementing banking software solutions can make the barrier to entry to the market just too high for many microfinance institutions. The computer servers, networks, backup solutions, data security technologies and personnel involved can be too costly for a smaller installation. With a microfinance SaaS solution, many of these requirements are simply redundant. SAB is responsible for maintaining the IT infrastructure and all security and data backup procedures. It is also responsible for all software maintenance and upgrade activities. The microfinance institution needs only to have a standard PC with Internet connection and browser in order to access the applications.

The microfinance SaaS solution

The SAB microfinance SaaS solution is modular, parameterised and flexible. It delivers on the microfinance institution’s expectations of increased productivity for enhanced profitability. It also provides improved flow and reliability of information and features extensive reporting and monitoring tools. The solution addresses the needs for a highly functional and extensible system and allows these functions to be delivered in a highly mobile format. There are full reporting and risk management facilities and the client is always placed at the centre of operations, the focus of all IT priorities.

The strengths of the SAB microfinance SaaS solution

The SAB microfinance SaaS solution gives even the smallest microfinance institutions access to the very best in innovative and advanced technologies in the marketplace. There is instant interoperability built into the system across all channels and the parameter structure is flexible so as to allow for easy customisation. The system also features full a workflow solution, from the initial credit application and throughout the process. Another major strength of the SAB solution is the experience and expertise of the company itself. With 25 years in business and 205 clients, our systems have been honed to be the best in the business.

Optimizing investment and costs of deployment, SAB’s integrated banking software is also programmable to adapt to the environments for which they are intended. This company is a renowned publisher of back-office solutions that are flexible enough to meet banks’ needs for a powerful information system. Since its launch in 1989, SAB is leader in the design, integration of SaaS banking solutions and since that time it has continued to develop the partnership with more than 150 companies.

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