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Specific software for microfinance establishments

Microfinance software is specifically designed to meet these banking and financial institution’s needs. But if you want to benefit from all the advantages of theses IT solutions, you have to buy yours at a professional that can help you to choose the right one for your business.

Why choosing SAB’s IT banking solutions?

Since its arrival on the niche of SI in the early 90s, the company SAB is specialized in publishing, design, deployment banking and microfinance software provider and currently, more than 150 organizations have assigned their confidence. Meet the needs of banks in terms of IS, this is what is intended for the Integrated banking software is edited by BSA. The Integrated banking software and integrated front office solutions for banking developed by SAB can be set based on any particular tax or regulatory constraints, and predict the needs of each organization while reducing deployment costs and investment costs.

The use of microfinance software

Microfinance is a hugely empowering phenomenon. It brings the power of credit and banking services to individuals and small businesses that would not have access to traditional lending models. It is an exciting and fast-moving market that requires microfinance software which is just as dynamic and innovative as the market itself. SAB understand the demands of the industry and has honed a microfinance software solution, SAB AT, to exceed those expectations. It is designed to provide the microfinance institution with improved productivity, which in turn leads to earlier and greater profitability. SAB AT also offers a clear information view, with better accuracy and reliability of management information.

Robust microfinance software solutions from SAB

The microfinance industry may be new but it still needs a fully functional software solution. The SAB AT solution provides extensible microfinance software with total functional coverage from back to front office functions. As a modular system, it can be adopted as a discreet solution or integrated with existing third party systems. The SAB AT software suite can be deployed in a traditional client-managed setup or provided in ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) guise for maximum mobility of services. There is full risk management functionality and a comprehensive reporting suite. The system is designed to be client-centric, placing the microfinance client at the centre of all IT solutions.

A highly tailored microfinance software solution

The SAB AT microfinance software solution uses user definable parameters to create a highly customisable solution, perfect for the particular needs of each individual microfinance institution. It also makes use of the full spectrum of access channels, from web to phone and branch visit and providing real time interoperability across all of these access routes. The SAB solution also manages the credit application process from start to finish via the integrated workflow application.

SAB as your microfinance software partner

Any technical solution is only as good as the partner who provides it and SAB has been at the forefront of banking technology for 25 years. We invest heavily in the quality of our solutions and more than half of our 450 staff is employed in research and development. With more than 200 banking clients across the globe, we are experienced in all areas of the industry and we are comfortable working with all sizes of institutions. Throughout our history, we have been focused on providing solutions that help our clients deliver value and remain competitive in their markets and we now bring this approach to our microfinance software applications.

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