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Benefit from SAB microfinance software capabilities

Microfinance software must be chosen carefully to meet these companies’ specific business requirements. Being an experienced publisher of software dedicated to banks and financial institutions, SAB also provides comprehensive IT solutions to cover all aspects of their business. On top of these, a team of experts provides high quality service from end to end.

Increasing demand for microfinance software

Microfinance is a booming sector, since it gives individuals and small businesses access to credit and banking services when they were excluded from conventional lending system. This activity calls for the adoption of a powerful microfinance software because despite it is young, this fast-moving and innovative market has very precise requirements.

Having a sound understanding of this industry needs, SAB AT has developed a client-centric solution that aims to help microfinance institution improve productivity and profitability. This best-in-class software also contributes to better management based on clear and reliable information and eases reporting with its comprehensive dedicated suite.

These are made possible by the flexibility and total functional coverage from back to front office tasks provided by this very complete microfinance software. Thanks to its modular architecture (it is composed of 200+ modules), it can connect to all third-party tools. Client firms can chose to implement it in a standard client-managed setup or go for a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, the end-customer remaining at the center of the IS.

SAB, a recognized microfinance software supplier

Created in the early 90s, SAB has become a major player on SI market as a specialist of designing and implementation of banking and microfinance software.

SAB’s global banking solution, thanks to its modular architecture, allows highly tailored configuration which takes into account the activity, the volume of customers and operations to handle, as well as the specific tax or regulatory constraints. Users enjoy a multi-channel experience, all the services they need being accessible on real time on web platform, mobile phone or in local branch. Credit application process is streamlined with end-to-end integrated workflow application.

More than 200 banking firms across the globe have entrusted us to provide them with the best response to their IT issues. Our experience of all areas of the industry makes us comfortable working with institutions of all sizes.

And because banking technology constantly evolves according to the emergence of new technologies and customers’ behavior. Therefore, more than half of our 450 staff is employed in research and development and we invest substantial amounts to improve the quality of our solutions and keep them up to date.

Whether for a business creation or to enhance existing microfinance software, market players can call upon our experts to assist them. The team will carefully listen to their needs and do an in-depth analysis in order to set up a personalized project. Its support the client company at all stages, from pre-implementation of scope to production run, including selection and integration of the required tools and functionalities.

SAB supplies premium IT solutions that enable banks to improve customer experience across all touchpoints. Considering the increasing role of new technologies, partnering with an experienced specialist is key to reach operational excellence and raise their revenues. Modularity is one of SAB IT solutions’ biggest benefits ; hence, they can be tailored according to each company’s particular requirements. In order to avoid any malfunction during implementation of the new tools in the existing IS, SAB’s offer include consistent support including needs assessment, developing a solid value proposition, integration, and even after go-live, functional assistance is taken care of.

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