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SAB is known as the leader for microfinance solutions

All institutions that are seeking IT microfinance solutions shall get in touch with SAB, this publisher being specialized in developing tools for banks and financial institutions since 1989. Including 200+modules, it software are flexible enough to meet a wide variety of needs. On top of complete back and front office applications, SAB provides personalized support to its customers to enable them successfully operate their digital transformation.

SAB: microfinance IT solutions’ specialist

Especially for banks and financial institutions, SaaS banking and microfinance solutions developed by SAB have been designed to meet their particular needs if they are to manage infrastructure SI. The efficient SaaS banking solutions and efficient SaaS banking solutions can be configured according to the environments in which they will be used, and to determine the needs of each facility while reducing the costs of deployment and investment. Having emerged in 1989, the company SAB leader in the creation, deployment and maintenance of efficient SaaS banking solutions and since that time she has worked in partnership with more than one hundred organizations.

The advantages of microfinance services

The microfinance movement is transforming the way that banking services are delivered to people and organisations that may not normally have access to such services. This new phenomenon can be a significant force for good, fostering the creation of businesses and wealth where it was not possible before. Most of the focus is on lending but many microfinance institutions also offer a range of other banking services. The microfinance institutions may be smaller and the market niche new but they still need to access the very best in banking software. SAB’s microfinance solutions allow them to do just that.

Comprehensive microfinance solutions from SAB

The SAB microfinance solutions portfolio is comprehensive, leveraging the considerable investment made in the SAB AT software suite. It allows the microfinance institution to quickly build profitability by being productive from day one. It also has a full suite of reporting and monitoring tools and provides clarity and accuracy of information. The use of a parameterisation model makes the solution endlessly flexible and able to be quickly tailored to any microfinance institution’s specific requirements. As you might expect from a leading banking software provider, the SAB microfinance solution provides total functionality, while providing those capabilities in a highly mobile format.

The power of our microfinance solutions

Risk management capabilities are built into the system, which places the client at the centre of all operations. There is real time interoperability across all access channels, such as web, telephone or branch, and the built-in workflow system manages all credit applications throughout the entire process. In short, SAB microfinance solutions bring the power of the most sophisticated and innovative major banking applications right into the reach of any microfinance institution, no matter the size of business. In doing so, SAB provides its microfinance institution clients with the tools they need to run their businesses effectively and profitably and with the proper governance at all times.

Choosing a provider for your microfinance solutions

The functionality of prospective microfinance solutions is certainly important but the quality of the provider is also crucial. SAB has been providing banking clients in all areas of the industry with effective software solutions for 25 years. Our 200 plus clients span the globe and every conceivable market niche but they all have one thing in common. That is the desire to deploy software solutions that enable their businesses to succeed and grow. This is the opportunity that we now offer to our microfinance institution clients.

SAB supplies advanced software that allow banks to make customers enjoy a positive customer experience. Because it’s no longer an option for banks to invest in digital transformation, SAB’s applications gives a boost to banks’ operational efficiency and financial results. Thanks to 200+ modules, SAB software cover all areas of banking. SAB is committed to remain alongside its customers in the entire process starting from audit of your requirements and constraints, consulting, integration up to staff training and functional assistance after go-live.

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