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Among mobile banking software providers, SAB is recognized as a leader, thanks to it strong experience in publishing front and back office applications for finance market players. Featuring a full set of functionalities, its IT solutions cover all aspects of banking business. Furthermore, a team of specialists provide personalized support to make the implementation process a success.

SAB: recognized banking software editor

Today, more than 150 organizations have put their trust in SAB as a mobile banking software provider especially for its abilities for the design, integration and maintenance of applications for internet and mobile banking. Mainly targeting banks integrated front office solutions for banking, designed by the company SAB should meet their particular needs if they are to manage infrastructure SI. Reducing the costs of deployment and investment, the integrated front office solutions for banking and integrated banking software developed by SAB can be further programmed according to the ecosystems in which they are used.

SAB: mobile banking software providers

As one of the leading mobile banking software providers, SAB is at the forefront of this exciting technology. Half of our 50 staff is involved in research and development, thus SAB is always focused on ensuring that we remain at the leading edge of technology, delivering modern solutions which provide our clients with a competitive edge. We have always been at the forefront of developments, leading our customers in deploying new solutions. For example, delivering banking services to customers has come a long way since those clients had to queue in a branch to obtain service. Telephone banking was a great step forward, allowing customers to carry out many transactions with a simple phone call but it still meant adhering to call centre opening hours. For the banks, significant investment was still required in running these call centres. Internet banking solved these issues. Now online banking customers can simply log on to their web banking site at home and carry out the full range of banking activities whenever they wish. This service delivery model was also a leap forward for banks who now needed less investment in branches and call centres to deliver services.

The importance of mobile banking software providers

With all the excitement around the web and online banking services, it is easy to overlook the vital contribution made to service delivery by mobile banking software providers. Clearly, not everyone always has access to a laptop or the internet but mobile phones on the other hand are almost ubiquitous. That is why mobile banking software providers like SAB are delivering banking services via mobile phones and SMS. At a basic level, mobile banking software providers can help clients deliver marketing messages to customers in the form of a text message. Such messages can be particularly effective when properly targeted as most customers access their phone very regularly. Warnings about approaching credit limits and unusual transactions can also be delivered.

Advanced mobile banking software providers

More advanced mobile banking software providers like SAB, however, take the technology much further. With SAB's mobile banking solution, bank clients can make withdrawals from authorised outlets via SMS messaging where an ATM is not available. Customers can also use SMS messaging to authorise bill payments and transfer money between accounts and private individuals. As one of the industry's foremost mobile banking software providers, SAB knows how important it is to ensure that any mobile banking solution is fully integrated into our clients' wider banking solutions. That is why our mobile solution is designed to communicate seamlessly with our extensive back Office and Front Office applications suites. Our mobile banking solution is also a single strand of our multi-channel customer contact capabilities, encompassing branch, ATM, telephone and online banking solutions.

SAB develops efficient software that help banks in making customers enjoy an engaging customer experience. Considering the increasing presence of digital technologies, partnering with an experienced supplier is essential to get to operational excellence and raise their profitability. Made up of a wide range of universal banking tools, SAB tools cover all areas of banking.

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