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SAB is the reference among mobile banking software vendors. Should you need such an IT solution for a bank or a financial institution, you can rely on its team to help you choose the most adequate tools and successfully implement them. This publisher provides front office and back office banking applications to enable end customers enjoy a great omnichannel experience.

Why choosing SAB as a mobile banking software vendor?

The integrated front office solutions for banking and integrated banking software made by SAB are customizable according to any particular tax or regulatory constraints, and can anticipate the needs of each organization while minimizing costs associated with their deployment and investment. Aimed primarily at financial institutions, back office for banking designed by the company SAB should meet their needs especially if they are managing infrastructure SI. SAB is a leader in the development, deployment and integrated banking solutions and is now included within the best mobile banking software vendors internationally recognized for the efficiency of its products. Over 150 companies have assigned their confidence to it.

Mobile banking software designer

It is an exciting time at the moment to be involved in the banking industry. Advances in technology are fundamentally changing the way that people do business with their banks. Not so long ago, technology was all but absent from the banking industry, with customers either doing their banking business in person at a branch or sometimes by letter. Telephone banking changed some of that behavior, allowing customers to telephone a bank call center and carry out banking transactions over the phone. While undoubtedly a step forward, the real revolution in accessing banking services came with the advent of the Internet. Now customers could do their banking at home, anytime it suited them. This was a great advance also for the banks themselves who no longer required such investments in call centers and branches and could instead concentrate resources on providing better, and more profitable, relationships with their customers.

SAB are leading mobile banking software vendors

With all the attention on Internet banking, it is easy to overlook the importance of technology from mobile banking software vendors. Mobile banking has been around for some time but now mobile banking software vendors are adding to basic mobile functionality. The mobile phone is an extremely important communications channel as most people have their phone with them all the time. Text alerts can be very effective therefore in warning customers of approaching credit thresholds and marketing banking products. As one of the leading mobile banking software vendors, SAB has a greatly enhanced mobile offer. Customers who are not able to access ATMs for example can use SMS messaging to make withdrawals from authorized outlets. Our systems are also supported by a full range of professional services. We offer tailored packages of proven implementation, integration and support services which are designed with your specific requirements at heart.

Enhanced offerings from mobile banking software vendors

These enhanced services also include the ability to move money between accounts, pay bills and transfer money to other private account holders. Indeed, recent advances in technology could put mobile banking software vendors like SAB at the very forefront of banking communications. Developments in Near Field Communications (NFC) for example, allow customers to pay for purchases in store simply by tapping their mobile phone next to a payment terminal. This change in how customers pay for goods could see the mobile phone also become the centre for banking transactions and as one of the leading mobile banking software vendors, SAB is well placed to take advantage of these developments. We think that this is important in ensuring that our clients remain at the leading edge of technology, delivering ever better service to their customers.

All IT solutions displayed in SAB’s product offering are designed to enable banks to focus on customers. In this age where banks have to adapt their business model, SAB’s IT solutions gives a boost to banks’ bottom line. Thanks to their modular architecture, its applications can meet the banks and financial institutions specific challenges.

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