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With the increasing role of digital technologies in banking industry, all market players have to adopt new software to be able to provide customers with multichannel experience. Mobile phones are now used to access to a wide range of services, including financial services. Therefore, a mobile banking solution becomes mandatory to respond to new expectations. SAB has developed back and front office applications designed for banks and financial institutions that allow remote transactions 24/7 from anywhere.

The functionality of a mobile banking solution

Mobile phones are now almost ubiquitous. More than just an additional communication channel, it has become an essential and extremely efficient tool to interact with customers. Most people have their phone with them and switched on perhaps 24 hours a day and there is no faster way to make contact. Furthermore, it works with a wide range of devices.

At a basic level, a mobile banking solution operates on this level. Messages can be sent concerning balance account levels, for example, when user defined limits have been reached. This sort of user-managed communication is called 'pull' messaging. Banks may also 'push' messages to clients, perhaps warning that an overdraft limit has been reached or simply sending marketing messages.

As a matter of fact, on the competitive banking market and in today’s highly connected world, consumers expect any kind of supplier – including their bank – to provide personalized services and value-add offers. The mobile allows real-time sending of commercial information on any financial product they might need based on their habits, recent transactions and localization. This possibility of convenient and instant access to tailored and relevant data is highly appreciated by customers and ensures their satisfaction and retention. It also enhances the bank’s sales efficiency and marketing/communication campaign ROI.

A sophisticated mobile banking solution from SAB

These sorts of messaging communications are certainly useful but a comprehensive approach to a mobile banking solution can achieve much more. At SAB for example, our mobile banking solution allows customers in remote areas with no access to ATM machines or branches to make cash withdrawals at approved outlets. These transactions are initiated and authenticated via SMS messaging. Clients can also make balance enquiries and receive SMS mini statements. The SAB mobile banking solution also empowers users to make account to account money transfers and also move money between private individuals. The solution also allows for payment of bills. This makes banking clients now move more quickly, as well as make banks more agile and have more competitive edge over rivals. What’s more, all transactions and SMS messaging have a full audit trail to enhance security. With the worldwide growth of smartphones and new technologies like mobile payments via near field communications, a solid mobile banking solution is a key part of any multi-channel access strategy.

SAB publishes efficient software that enable banks seize the various opportunities offered by digital technologies in this industry. Because of their increasing importance of new technologies, digital technologies revolutionize the ways banks are doing business ; therefore this software supplier has a mission to assist players in the financial services and banking sector to move towards operational excellence and supplement their revenues. Made up of 200+ modules, these tools satisfy the banks and financial compagnies specific needs.

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