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Mobile banking technology vendors are strategic partners for all financial institutions that want to offer customers an optimized experience on this channel that is now unavoidable. SAB is one of the most reliable suppliers of such IT solutions, thanks to its 30 years’ experience in this sector.

Why choosing SAB?

Since his arrival on the niche of SI in the early 90s, SAB designs, develops, deploys and maintains the integrated front office solutions for banking. At present, more than 150 companies trust this company as one of the best mobile banking technology vendors. Integrated front office solutions for banking which are published by the developers of the SAB are solutions that should satisfy the needs of banks for SI. Reducing operating costs and investment, efficient SaaS banking solutions and integrated banking software developed by SAB are also configurable according to the existing constraints in particular regulatory or tax.

Mobile banking technology suppliers

As one of the leading mobile banking technology vendors, SAB knows how vital this technology can be to our banking clients and their customers. With half of our 50 staff involved in research and development, SAB is always focused on ensuring that we remain at the leading edge of technology, delivering modern solutions that provide our clients with a competitive edge. As banking technology has advanced, we have always been at the forefront of developments, leading our customers in deploying new solutions and finding better ways to do business. In addition to being leading mobile banking technology vendors, we have helped shape the way that our banking clients deliver services to their clients. As part of that evolution, we have developed a comprehensive, multi-channel approach to customer communications, encompassing mobile banking, online banking, ATMs and branch solutions.

Expecting more from mobile banking technology vendors

Developing this multi-channel approach, we helped our clients transition from a mostly branch based service delivery model to one which has online banking at its heart. This advance empowered customers to take control of their finances, carrying out their banking business at home, or these days on their smartphones, and having a real time view of their account transactions. The advantages for customers who no longer have to queue in branches or worry about opening times is reflected in benefits to the bank. Online banking meant a reduced cost of managing a branch network, allowing banks to focus on delivering new and better services to customers. As mobile banking technology vendors SAB recognizes that one of these important services is mobile banking and with the ubiquity of mobile phones it could become a central part of a bank's service channels.

Solutions from mobile banking technology vendors

At a basic level, solutions from mobile banking technology vendors allow the bank to communicate with customers via SMS message when certain criteria are met. This might be a warning about approaching credit limits, notification of transactions or a simple marketing message. As leading mobile banking technology vendors, however, SAB mobile solutions deliver much more. SAB knows how important it is to ensure that any of our mobile banking solution is fully integrated into our clients' wider banking solutions. That is why our mobile solution is designed to communicate seamlessly and efficiently. Our mobile banking clients can withdraw cash from authorized outlets when an ATM is not available. They can use SMS to transfer money between accounts, pay bills and also move money between private individuals. Mobile phones are fast becoming the chosen communication device for many and with SAB as your mobile banking technology vendors you will be ideally placed to benefit.

All software supplied by SAB are meant to allow banks seize all opportunities brought by new technologies in this industry and engage users. Because of their increased emphasis on digital technologies, digital technologies revolutionize the ways banks are doing business ; therefore partnering with an experienced specialist is key to move towards operational excellence and up their revenues. Flexibility is one of SAB applications’ key advantages ; hence, they are able to ensure the fulfilment of the banks and financial compagnies particular requirements. In order to avoid any malfunction during transition, SAB’s offer include technical support including needs assessment, defining a solid value proposition, integration, and even after go-live, maintenance is taken care of.

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