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SAB is one of the most trustworthy online banking software providers. Since 1989, it provides complete IT solutions dedicated to finance institutions of all sizes. A wide range of functionalities allow personalization, so that the application perfectly fits all market players’ requirements.

Why trusting SAB?

Particularly designed for financial institutions, integrated banking software designed by the company SAB should meet their needs particularly the need to deploy infrastructure SI. The front office for banking and efficient SaaS banking solutions can be configured according to the environments in which they will be deployed, and can anticipate the needs of each institution while optimizing the costs of deployment and investment. Since its launch in 1989, the company SAB publishes, develops, integrates and provides continuous monitoring of the integrated front office solutions for banking and at present. More than 150 organizations have assigned their confidence to the company as one of the best online banking software providers.

Online banking software providers

SAB has long been one of the industry's leading online banking software providers. As such, we have been at the forefront of delivering new technologies to our clients which help them compete in an extremely demanding and fast-moving market. We have helped our banking customers smoothly transition from a service model dominated by in-person branch banking, via telephone banking capabilities and onto a full online solution. The benefit for banking customers is clear. There is no more need to queue at a branch or worry about opening times. Customers also feel more in control of their finances, with the ability to access their accounts, carry out transactions and monitor activity whenever they wish. Nor should the benefit to banking institutions be overlooked. The rise in online banking has seen a decrease in the investment required in branch networks and call centers, allowing banks to concentrate on delivering better products and services. SAB's clients will also find that the solutions offered are highly parametric, allowing individual banks to customize the applications to suit their own needs without recourse to specialized IT skills

Choosing online banking software providers

For any bank, choosing one of the online banking software providers to be their partner in this important area is a vital decision. SAB, in addition to being one of the leading online banking software providers, has more than 20 years of experience in delivering enterprise wide banking systems. We know that any online solution must integrate completely with Back Office and Front Office applications. We also know that, important though online banking is, it is simply another channel by which customers and banks interact. Therefore the online banking solution must sit within a multi-channel contact strategy which includes branch, ATM, and mobile banking components.

SAB as your online banking software providers

SAB's banking solutions are comprehensive, with over 200 modules covering all aspects of a bank's business. As one of the industry's foremost online banking software providers, we are vastly experienced in integrating online solutions with the wider applications and business of the bank. We invest heavily in ensuring that we, and our clients, remain at the leading edge of technology, delivering advances that positively impact the bottom line. That is why around half of our 450 staff members are involved in research and development. At SAB we know that to be one of the leading online banking software providers means understanding our client's total business needs and integrating our solutions to meet those demands. We are certain that our combination of enterprise wide technology, vast experience and expert services position us as the ideal online banking software providers.

SAB publishes innovative software that enable banks to make customers enjoy an exceptional customer experience. Considering the increased emphasis on digital technologies, SAB’s applications gives a boost to banks’ profitability Modularity is one of its tools’ key strenghts ; as a result, they can be tailored according to each company’s particular needs.

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