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Private banking software solutions need to be purchased from an expert because of the multiple constraints (regulatory, constraints, etc.) that they have to comply with. Since 1989, SAB provides complete IT tools for banks and financial institutions. A full set of functionalities allow high level of personalization in order to fit all company’s needs.

SAB, a private banking software specialist

As private banking software solution editor and vendor, SAB is constantly developing partnerships and now collaborate with more than a hundred organizations, and that, since his arrival in the area of SI in the late 80s. Addressing in particular the banks efficient, SaaS banking solutions published by the company SAB should meet their needs for information systems. The efficient SaaS banking solutions and integrated banking software developed by SAB can be programmed according to the existing special tax or regulatory constraints, and can anticipate the needs of each organization while optimizing operating costs and investment.

Private banking software solutions provider

SAB is well known as a leading supplier of software solutions to the banking industry. For more than 20 years we have been providing our clients with leading edge banking software and our portfolio is extensive. We offer comprehensive solutions to the retail banking sector, Islamic banks and credit institutions. Our technology can be deployed in enterprise wide solutions or in discreet modules serving specific business units. SAB is also a notable provider of private banking software solutions where we have an outstanding track record. Our SAMIC suite of applications is the leading technology in private banking software solutions, providing an integrated solution across all aspects of private banking and securities management. We are proud to be the market leader for private banking software solutions in France. Indeed, for the past four years, every bank which has started up in France and Monaco has selected SAMIC from SAB.

Comprehensive private banking software solutions from SAB

It is clear to see why so many private bank clients choose SAB and SAMIC for their private banking software solutions. The SAMIC solution has been designed from the ground up with the needs of our private banking clients in mind. It is a full and feature rich modular banking solution, with features including solutions for credit, savings, payment and treasury. Our private banking software solutions also provide a full securities offering. This includes investment portfolio management, overseeing transaction, placement and investment portfolios with full accounting. SAMIC also includes client securities custody management and can be used directly to manage bank custody or alternatively as a global or local custodian.

Choosing SAB as your private banking software solutions provider

The comprehensive nature and proven abilities of our private banking software solutions are undoubtedly major reasons behind our position as market leader in this sector. At SAB though, we are not resting on our laurels and we know that our private banking clients demand more from us. That is why we complement our technology with a comprehensive professional services offer. Our expert consultants will assist our private bank clients from pre-implementation consultancy and scoping to proven project management during deployment and on to post-implementation support. We concentrate on delivering a comprehensive professional services portfolio and we will guide you every step of the way. We also have a constant eye on future developments which is why around half of our staff is dedicated to research and development. We believe that this combination of outstanding technology, deep experience and first class services makes us the natural partner in private banking software solutions.

All SAB software are designed to enable banks take advantage of the multiple opportunities brought by new technologies in this industry and engage users. Modularity is one of SAB software’ major benefits ; hence, they are able to ensure the fulfilment of the banks and financial compagnies particular imperatives. In this age where banks way of doing business have to change, SAB’s software increases banks’ operational efficiency and financial results

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