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SAB, the reference retail bank software suppliers

Choosing retail bank software suppliers is not an easy task since the tools that they provide offer the basis of operations and management. Partnering with SAB, the market-leading supplier of back and front office applications, is recommended to benefit from the most advanced technologies. In addition to integrated IT solutions, SAB provides high quality service to make the implementation project a success.

SAB, a specialist that you can trust

The integrated front office solutions for banking and integrated back office solutions for banking developed by SAB can be programmed according to any constraints (regulatory, tax...), and can anticipate the needs of each organization while reducing the costs associated with their deployment and investment. The integrated front office solutions for banking are developed by the SAB unit has been designed to meet the needs of financial institutions in information systems. At present, more than 150 organizations have put their trust in the SAB group as retail bank software suppliers for the development, integration and maintenance of efficient and safe banking IT solutions.

SAB, retail bank software suppliers

At SAB, we are proud to be recognized as one of the leading retail bank software suppliers. We have developed a retail banking solution that encompasses every area of a bank's operations, from Back Office applications to Front Office solutions. Our comprehensive applications suite is modular in design, allowing for total integration across business units and with third party data sources. As one of the leading retail bank software suppliers we are experienced in deploying enterprise wide software solutions or best of breed business unit solutions. SAB are also one of the most forward looking of retail bank software suppliers. We have embraced modern technologies and delivery mechanisms and our software suite is available on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis or full facilities management arrangement for those clients who choose not to manager their own infrastructure.

A comprehensive solution from one of the best retail bank software suppliers

The SAB solution for retail banking provides extensive functionality to support all aspects of retail banking. Our 200 plus modules address the needs of both commercial and administrative teams, with a robust handling of regulatory reporting. We put the banking customer at the center of our solution with data consolidation at client and client group level, thus aiding control of credit risk and profitability management. Operational risk monitoring and credit risk management are at the very heart of the solution and user-definable parameters allow clients to tailor the solution for their specific needs without need for technical knowledge. As one of most experienced retail in the marketplace we understand totally the need for conformity with international banking standards and our solution complies with IFRS, Basel II and SOX 404 guidelines.

Getting more from your retail bank software suppliers

At SAB, we know that retaining our position as one of the retail bank software suppliers of choice means more than just delivering excellent software. That is why we strive always to be at the forefront of industry developments. Around half of our 450 employees are dedicated to research and development and this focus on the future allows us to make sure our clients are always one step ahead of the competition. With comprehensive services offering which includes everything from pre-deployment consultancy through project management and post-implementation support, we know that we have the breadth of expertise and depth of experience to remain one of the most influential retail bank software suppliers. We think that the quality of our services, together with industry leading applications and an open, partnership approach to client relationships makes SAB the ideal choice as your top choice for retail bank software suppliers.

SAB supplies advanced IT solutions that enable banks to create a great cross-channel customer experience. Featuring a full range of universal banking tools, its software offer a high degree of personalization according to each company’s particular imperatives. Because banks can no longer delay their digital transformation, having this software supplier as a partner is essential to attain operational excellence and increase their revenues. In order to ensure seamless transition, SAB’s offer include consistent support including pre-implementation of scope, consulting, integration, and even after go-live, functional support is carried out.

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