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In order to fully benefit from the power of the most advanced digital technologies, integrating retail banking software solutions is highly advised. But this kind of tools has to be purchased from a specialist so has to make sure that they comply of all rules governing the finance industry. SAB has 30 years’ experience in publishing core banking applications that feature a wide range of functionalities to meet all market players’ needs.

SAB: banking software that you can trust

The retail banking software solutions and integrated front office solutions for banking developed by SAB predict the needs of each organization and are customizable according to any constraints in particular regulatory or tax. Meeting the needs of financial institutions that should deploy infrastructure SI, this is what is the integrated front office solutions for banking is developed by the SAB group. Since entering the niche of IT solutions in the early 90s, the SAB group is a reference in publishing, development, integration of integrated front office solutions for banking and now has more than 150 partners.

Retail banking software solutions by SAB

SAB has been around since the year 1989. With more than 20 years of experience we are seasoned professionals in the field. We gain knowledge and experience all from our client partnerships. We have 150 customers on five continents and everyone has unique requirements and insights which deepen our knowledge of our business.

SAB is confident that our retail banking software solutions are some of the best on the market. From our beginnings in 1989 we have focused on delivering retail banking software solutions that deliver against key client requirements. These include the ability to handle regulatory, fiscal and commercial market constraints; forecasting of market requirements and the reduction of running costs with improved efficiency. Our retail banking software solutions benefit from our SOA architecture, which provides greater openness and integration between our own and third party data systems. At the front end meanwhile, our SAB office manages client relationships, bringing data together to build business intelligence and providing a single view of the bank's relationship with its client. Our comprehensive multi-channel approach also means that those clients are served through our online and mobile banking services as well as by ATM and in branch.

Choosing retail banking software solutions

SAB's retail banking software solutions are developed in a modular architecture with more than 200 modules covering all aspect of a bank's business. These retail banking software solutions can be deployed as a single enterprise wide system or singly in specific business solutions where a bank retains other third party systems. The SAB system covers Back Office, Front Office and reporting functionality, alongside a comprehensive multi-channel customer relationship management system. A new graphic interface helps users navigate the system intuitively and the integration of our FlowMind workflow tool as standard allows the bank to incorporate specific decision making processes.

Expecting more from your retail banking software solutions provider

At SAB, we know that even the best retail banking software solutions cannot stand on their own. That is why we concentrate on delivering a comprehensive professional services portfolio. Our experienced consultants will guide you every step of the way, from pre-implementation scoping and consultancy, through proven project management and on to tailored post-implementation support. We also know that we must deliver real business value along with our retail banking software solutions. In order to achieve this we make sure that we carefully align our technology to the business goals and aspirations of our clients. Deploying software which can change and grow with our clients is fundamental to our success. We always have one eye on the future and our extensive research and development team means that we are able to deliver leading edge technology which gives our clients a competitive edge.

SAB sets itself apart by its all-in-one software that enable banks to make customers enjoy a positive customer experience. Having the advantage of flexibility, these IT solutions can respond to the banks and financial institutions particular requirements. With the increased emphasis on new technologies, SAB’s applications contributes to increasing banks’ operational efficiency and income

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