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Which retail banking software suppliers contact?

You can now find numerous retail banking software suppliers but you have to choose the right ones when you will buy the solutions you will use in your business. SAB is one of the internationally recognized providers of IT tools for banks and financial institution. You can trust our experience and the quality of our products.

SAB: reliable IT tools for banks

As retail banking software suppliers, the company SAB is specialized in the development, deployment and integrated front office solutions for banking now has more than 150 references. The integrated front office solutions for banking that are developed by SAB are intended primarily for banks that need to deploy infrastructure SI. The integrated front office solutions for banking and integrated front office solutions for banking developed by SAB can be configured according to the existing special tax or regulatory constraints, and help identify the needs of each organization while reducing operating costs and investment costs.

SAB, retail banking software suppliers

SAB has long been one of the leading retail banking software suppliers. We have been delivering retail banking solutions since 1989 and with more than 20 years' experience and 150 client deployments, we are in prime position to be the retail banking software suppliers of choice. Our software has a highly modular architecture which means that integration is easily achieved between our own modules and third party data sources. The SAB retail banking solution is also comprehensive, covering all aspects of a bank's business. There are over 200 modules, encompassing Front Office applications, Back Office business and robust reporting tools. For maximum flexibility, our retail banking solution can be deployed in different configurations. An enterprise wide deployment will encompass all banking operations and activities. If the bank wishes to retain applications from third parties, however, our retail bank software can also be deployed in discreet modules for specific business units.

Why SAB are leading retail banking software suppliers

SAB's retail bank solution delivers real business benefit to clients. As leading retail banking software suppliers we understand how important customer relationships are to the profitability of banks. That is why we offer a full multi-channel approach to customer contact, with modules covering online and mobile banking, alongside ATM and in-branch functionality. Our customer relationship management module meanwhile provides our retail banking clients with a single view of all customer banking activity, turning data into marketing opportunities and providing a solid base for responsible lending practices. Users of our software benefit from the ease of use provided by our intuitive graphical user interface while banking decision making processes are incorporated via our integrated FlowMind workflow package.

Choosing SAB as your retail banking software suppliers

As leading retail banking software suppliers, SAB knows that developing and deploying excellent retail banking software is not enough. Our clients demand more of us and that is why we offer a full range of professional services to complement our technology. In the pre-implementation phase, our expert consultants will offer scoping and consultancy services to ensure proper sizing of the project. We will then provide robust and proven project management during deployment and tailored support services throughout the life of the deployment. To cement our position as leading retail banking software suppliers, we make sure that we are always at the forefront of technology, investing heavily in research and development and constantly bringing new developments, such as software as a service (saas) to our clients.

SAB publishes, develops, deploys and provides continuous monitoring of integrated front office solutions for banking. At present, more than 150 organizations are placing their trust in it. Its banking software should satisfy the needs of financial institutions in terms of information system. Reducing investment and operating costs, SAB’s integrated front office solutions for banking can also be customized according to the constraints of the environments in which they will be used.

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