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Get maximum ROI with retail banking system software

In order to optimize their process and improve their efficiency and profitability, financial institutions implement retail banking system software. To make sure to use tools that comply with all rules governing the industry, it is recommended to purchase them from a specialist. Since 1989, SAB supplies front and back office applications that can be personalized to meet all banks and finance services providers’ business requirements.

SAB: experimented banking software specialist

Reducing the costs of deployment and investment, the retail banking system software and integrated front office solutions for banking developed by SAB are also configurable in different environments in which they are used. The company SAB is specialized in the design of integrated front office solutions for banking which should help meet the needs of banks for SI. Having emerged in 1989, SAB designs, develops, deploys and maintains the core banking system and since that time it has continued to develop partnerships with more than one hundred companies.

Retail banking system software by SAB

At SAB we are proud to be a leading supplier of retail banking system software. Our applications cover all aspects of retail banking, from Back Office systems to Front Office applications and robust reporting tools. Our retail banking system software architecture is highly modular, allowing great flexibility in deployment and easy integration. To offer the greatest choice to our clients, we can deploy our retail banking system software as an enterprise wide solution or as discreet business solutions in individual departments. Our customer relationship management suite provides a single view of a client's relationship with the bank, giving better opportunities for targeted marketing and a firm basis for responsible lending. Our new graphical interface provides users with an intuitive way to access our retail banking system software and our integrated workflow tool, FlowMind, allows banking clients to incorporate intelligent decision making processes into the system.

SAB's experience in retail banking system software

When it comes to choosing a partner for your retail banking system software, experience is vital. The banking industry is heavily regulated, complex and competitive. This is no business for a novice company. SAB has over 20 years' experience in delivering retail banking system software, and with over 150 successful client deployments, our knowledge and experience is second to none. We are also vastly experienced in integrating our systems with third party data sources, ensuring that those clients who wish to adopt a 'best of breed' approach, combining products from existing vendors, have a trouble free deployment. Our software also incorporates a multi-channel customer contact strategy, encompassing online, mobile, ATM and branch solutions.

Expecting more from your retail banking system software vendor

We at SAB recognise that developing and delivering industry leading software to our clients is not enough on its own. That is why our retail banking system software is complemented by a comprehensive professional services offering. We offer our clients a full range of pre-implementation scoping and consultancy, followed by proven project management services during deployment. In the post-implementation phase we provide tailored support services to meet the specific needs of each of our clients. To ensure that we remain our clients' software partner of choice, we always strive to be at the forefront of technology developments. That is why around half of our 450 staff is dedicated to research and development. In this way we are always bringing new ideas to our clients to help them retain their competitive advantage. At SAB, we are confident that this combination of proven technology and expert services together with an open approach to doing business makes us a natural choice as your retail banking system software.

All IT solutions included in SAB’s product offering are meant to allow banks to provide their customers with a positive digital experience. Being modular, these applications ensure the fulfilment of the banks and financial institutions particular needs. At a time when banks have to change their organization, SAB’s applications improves banks’ bottom line

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