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SaaS bank software with unrivalled price-performance

SaaS bank software must be as efficient as safe and of easy access for those who are authorized to use them. It has so to be chosen carefully at buying. If you want to insure the quality of the solutions you will use in your financial establishment, SAB proposes several products that can be personalized according to your needs.

SAB: reliable SaaS bank software provider

Since 1989, SAB group is a reference supplier of IT solutions dedicated to banks, microfinance or other financial institutions. To adapt to the recent market changes, especially the increasing role of Internet, this world-renowned publisher has added SaaS bank software to its product portfolio. These integrated front and back office solutions provide customers with an optimized cross-channel experience.

Ancient bank software use

Over the years the way vendors deliver software solutions to clients has changed substantially. Originally banking business was conducted in a more rigid and traditional manner. A lot of the transactions are conducted face to face or perhaps by letter. Initially applications were also delivered in bulky boxes of disk and manual sets. When clients needed more users, more boxes of disks and manuals were delivered. Most clients' IT departments began to look like libraries. Eventually some forward-looking companies realized that it was OK simply to deliver licenses rather than new boxes of software and, incredible as it seems today, this was seen as real progress. For a long time though, software has been delivered to the client company and installed on its systems. This means that the client must make a significant investment in their IT infrastructure. Powerful servers must be deployed to run the applications and data storage solutions must be in place to store the data. But the IT overhead doesn't stop there.

Why saas bank software is different

With this traditional model of delivery, a disaster recovery plan has to be in place, the network must be capable of handling the data load and even user PCs have to be capable of running the system. In addition to all the technology, a professional IT staff must be retained to ensure smooth running of systems. Clearly these demands can be onerous but saas bank software (software as a service) from SAB changes all of this. With saas bank software, SAB handles all of the IT overheads. The software is installed on SAB servers and maintained by us. All management, upgrade and operational tasks concerned with the saas bank software solution are undertaken by SAB.

Leveraging the business benefits of saas bank software from SAB

The saas bank software delivery model can have significant benefits for clients. No hardware or software purchases are required. The saas bank software solution is delivered over a fast, reliable and secure link and all that is required to access the system is a standard web browser. Clearly this can have enormous cost implications, with no investment required for a costly IT infrastructure. Over and above cost savings, there are enormous business benefits associated with the saas bank software delivery model. Banking clients can now move quickly into new markets and seize new business opportunities without waiting for their IT infrastructure to catch up. This makes such banks more agile and increases their competitive edge over rivals with traditional software deployments. More and more of our clients are talking to SAB about saas bank software and perhaps you should too.

SAB publishes powerful IT solutions that enable banks grasp all opportunities offered by new technologies in this sector and engage customers. At a time when digital banking transformation is critical, SAB’s applications gives a boost to banks’ profitability Featuring 200+ modules, its applications offer a high degree of personalization according to each company’s particular needs.

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