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If you are looking for a Saas bank solution that would perfectly fit your banking business, SAB offers you the possibility of selecting the ones made for your needs within a range of efficient and safe products. Our solution can also be personalized according to the specificities of your activities.

SAB: SaaS bank solutions editor

As customers are eager to access financial services online where and when they want, integrating SaaS bank solutions becomes mandatory. Being the reference supplier of IT solutions dedicated to banks and financial institutions since 1989, SAB has also developed online tools. Thanks to these front office solutions for banking, its partners are able to meet the new business requirements created by digital technologies, and provide customers with an engaging multi-channel experience.

IT bank solutions

Banking software has evolved quickly over the last several years to meet the rapidly changing needs of the industry. Regulatory compliance is of course vital, as is a solution that can meet all of the bank's needs across its business. Open interfaces between modules and with third party data sources are also important but other changes have allowed banks to change the very way they do business. One of the most striking areas of change has been in mobile and online banking. No longer do customers need to visit a branch to do their banking business, nor do they even have to phone a call centre. Instead they simply log on to their online banking solution and carry out their banking business whenever they wish. Users of mobile banking can even use SMS text messaging to withdraw money from authorized outlets when there is no ATM available. On the other hand, online banking provided a great leap forward, freeing customers to do their banking whenever and wherever they would like it. The intervention of banking staff was largely unnecessary and banks could therefore concentrate resources on delivering new and more efficient services.

The rise of the saas bank solution

Internet banking has had a profound effect on the industry. It has greatly reduced the cost of doing business and allowed banks to concentrate resources on offering better products and services. Another advance which is having a similar effect is the 'Software as a Service' or saas bank solution. Traditional deployment of banking software requires the bank to make considerable investment in IT infrastructure. Powerful servers and back up devices must be in place and the network must be able to handle all of the expected traffic. The bank must also retain suitably qualified IT staff to ensure proper running and maintenance of the system. Clearly all of this requires significant investment but the saas bank solution has a different approach.

Benefits of the saas bank solution from SAB

With a SAB saas bank solution, the banking software is installed remotely on SAB's own servers. The software is then supplied to the client as a service over a secure and fast link. The bank user therefore only needs access to a standard web browser in order to access the full functionality of the software. Clearly such a saas bank solution has important benefits for the client. The bank no longer needs to maintain such a costly IT infrastructure and can concentrate more resources on core banking business. Banks with an eye on their competitive edge are already recognising how the SAB saas bank solution can allow them to respond quickly to new business opportunities, quickly entering new markets and deploying new services.

SAB supplies innovative software that help banks in improving customer experience on all touchpoints. At a time when digital banking transformation becomes unvoidable, having an experienced software provider as a partner is key to move towards operational excellence and up their profitability. Scalability is one of SAB tools’ main advantages ; as a result, they can be customized according to each company’s particular imperatives. In order to ensure smooth transition, SAB’s offer include professional services including needs assessment, developing a solid value proposition, integration, and even after go-live, consistent support is carried out.

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