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Choose well your SaaS bank system

A SaaS bank sytem must be carefully chosen. In fact, the safety, the efficiency and the ease of access of the tools those are included in it must be taken in account. That is why you have to contact a specialist if you want to use the right ones.

Where to find the SaaS bank system that you need?

SAB is at your disposal with several banking IT solutions and good advices that will help you make the good choice. Since entering the niche of IT solutions in the early 90s, SAB designs, develops, integrates and maintains the banking CRM software and SaaS bank systems for management and control of transactions and operations. It has now more than 150 references that are all banking and financial establishments. Mainly targeting banks, efficient SaaS banking solutions developed by the company SAB should meet their needs in terms of SI. The banking CRM software and integrated front office solutions for banking developed by SAB are programmable to existing special tax or regulatory constraints, and predict the needs of each institution while reducing operating expenses and investment.

Saas bank system

In an increasingly competitive market it is no wonder that more and more clients are talking to SAB about the benefits of a saas bank system(Software as a Service). Traditional methods of delivering software solutions to banks have been around for a long time but they do have some drawbacks for many banks. With standard methods, banks have to invest in an IT infrastructure. This encompasses powerful servers to run the applications and storage devices to retain the data. A suitable back up strategy must be in place and the network should have sufficient bandwidth to cope with the traffic generated by the system. Even the user PCs themselves must be capable of running the software. In addition to all of the technical infrastructure, the bank must retain suitably qualified staff to run and maintain the systems. It is easy to see why some banks are looking for solutions to these issues and thankfully a saas bank system from SAB addresses these concerns.

Benefits of s SAB saas bank system

With a saas bank system delivery model, the software is installed on SAB servers. SAB expert staff maintain the system, carrying out all upgrade and management tasks. SAB takes responsibility for data storage, back up and disaster recovery. For the banking client, the saas bank system therefore requires no investment in hardware or software, and the need for bank IT staff to manage the system is removed. The software is delivered to the client over a fast, secure and reliable link. All that is required to access the system at the client end is a standard web browser. We know that some clients want to concentrate on their business rather than manage their back Office applications. Thankfully our clients don't have to be IT experts, because we are. That's why we offer facilities management, such as the saas bank system for clients who want to remain focused totally on their own business.

Improving competitiveness with a saas bank system from SAB

It is easy to see why many banks view a saas bank system as an important strategy in reducing costs. With the requirement for an IT infrastructure and personnel considerably reduced, the cost savings which can be realised are substantial, increasing efficiency and improving profitability. The benefits of a saas bank system, however, can go much further. In a very competitive marketplace, banks need to move quickly to take advantage of new opportunities, enter new markets and create new business offerings. A saas bank system from SAB allows a bank to be more nimble, seizing opportunities and setting up new operations without the need to wait for their IT infrastructure to catch up. Coupled with SAB's experience in delivering leading edge banking solutions, we believe we are the natural partner in saas banking solutions.

Reducing investment and operating costs, SAB’s integrated banking software can also be customized according to existing regulatory and fiscal constraints. Meeting the needs of financial institutions in terms of information system is the purpose of its banking software. Since entering the niche of IT solutions in the early 90s, SAB emerges as a reference in editing, creating, deploying back-office for banking. Since then, it has worked with more than 150 organizations.

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