SaaS banking applications

Benefit from SAB SaaS banking applications capabilities

At a time when digital transformation is mandatory for all financial institutions, SaaS banking applications become very popular. They allow users access all services online 24/7 and help market players reduce costs while improving efficiency and profitability. SAB is the reference supplier when it comes to back and front office applications dedicated to banks, microfinance companies, FinTech…

SAB, reliable SaaS banking applications

The SAB Group now has more than 150 references worldwide, partners from whom he has gained confidence since she invests the segment of IT solutions in the early 90s. The company is a leader in the integrated front office solutions for banking design, including SaaS banking applications, which solutions should help to meet the needs of financial institutions in terms of information systems. The IT banking software developed by SAB are configurable based environments in which they will be used, and can anticipate the needs of each organization while optimizing operating costs and investment.

SaaS banking applications advantages

The challenges for modern banking institutions are more pronounced than ever before. Regulation is tougher and customers more demanding than they have ever been. The industry is also more competitive and customers much quicker to move to take advantage of better deals. That means that banks must able to move quickly, too. They must be able to take advantage of new market niches and even new territories, moving with the times to take advantage of new technologies that can give them a competitive edge. That is where SaaS banking applications can make a huge difference. The solution can free banks up from the constraints of technology and allows them to concentrate on business.

Free up resources with SaaS banking applications

A bank’s technology infrastructure can put a tremendous strain on the organization. It requires a major investment in staff and equipment to ensure the proper levels of security and performance. The management of such systems can make it much more difficult for an organisation to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. With SaaS banking applications from SAB, this all changes. SAB takes care of all the application and infrastructure requirements, allowing the bank to free up resources and focus on winning new business and retaining clients.

SaaS banking applications for smaller banks and new markets

To access SaaS banking applications the client needs only have a standard PC and Internet connection. With a simple browser he then has instant access via just a single click to the most innovative banking applications on the market. Deploying these applications in a SaaS format means that banks can respond quickly to opportunities and set up operations quickly, wherever the need arises. Many smaller operations and departments may feel that they do not have the volume of transactions to justify the investment in a full banking software suite but with SAB’s SaaS model they can access the services they need no matter what the volumes.

The flexibility of SaaS banking applications

The suite of SAB SaaS banking applications has pre-set parameters which are designed to allow banks to simply switch on and use immediately. These can then be adapted to the bank’s own preferences and the system can be integrated with existing systems to leverage legacy data sources. In this way the SAAS system protects the client’s current IT investment but allows them to move forward easily to adopt new technologies.

SAB publishes advanced software that help banks in making customers enjoy an engaging customer experience. Because it’s no longer an option for banks to invest in digital transformation, this IT solutions vendor supports players in the financial services and banking industry to attain operational excellence and up their financial results. Featuring a wide spectrum of universal banking tools, its tools cover all banking tasks.

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