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For banks and financial institutions, choosing a Saas banking software is a serious matter as this is the basis of their operations and management. SAB proposes a comprehensive yet flexible solution that can adapt to the industry players’ needs.

SAB, a leading SaaS banking software supplier

The integrated SaaS banking software developed by SAB to cover both back and front office tasks comply with existing regulation and tax rules. Highly customized setting reduces implementation costs whereas each client firm enjoys all its customer's demands in terms of functionalities and services.

Particularly designed for banks, SAB’s IT solutions are designed to cover all aspects of this type of business. Created in 1989, SAB develops and implements integrated front office solutions and provides expert support at all stages of a SaaS banking software deployment project. Over almost 30 years, it has allowed more than 200 companies across the globe benefit from advanced features and powerful technologies.

SAB, a recognized specialist of SaaS banking software

With the accelerated growth of the new technologies, banks have completely changed the way they deliver services to customers and SAB has always been at the forefront of their transformation.

For example, not so long ago, customers had to move to local branch to do their day-to-day banking, which contributed to building stronger customer relationships but was time-consuming for both parties. Much more recently, mobile banking started speeding up transactions, but the bank team still had to intervene to complete any operations; the firms that did not want to handle these internally then had to pay call centers.

Then came online banking, allowing customers to access all banking services and products at any time and any place. This new model brought a revolution in the sector. By streamlining their processes, banks could focus on delivering enhanced services hence increased their efficiency and productivity while minimizing costs.

SAB banking software, the best-in-class solution on financial market

Saas banking software or Software as a Service is at the heart of the banks’ digital transformation. Its main advantage is to reduce burdens from the market players while allowing them to take the most out of the most recent technologies.

As a matter of fact, the latter avoid various significant expenses: supply of powerful servers and all required equipment to run the software, increase of bandwidth for full use of all the solution functionalities, setup of robust back-up plan, salary charges for IT staff...

By adopting SAB Saas banking software, client firms choose agility and cost-effectiveness. Applications are installed on the supplier servers, whose team also handles maintenance, upgrade and management related to the solution. There is no hardware or software to buy, and transactions can be performed in complete safety, thanks to a fast and reliable link. All features are accessible on a standard web browser.

A team of Saas banking software specialists is at clients’ disposal to listen to their requests and provide them with a customized offer. Banks and financial institutions have found the perfect solution to remain competitive by seizing new business opportunities and launch new services without having to wait for their IT to catch up.

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