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The choice of the Saas banking software that you will use in you bank or your financial institution is essential as this kind of tools must insure the safety of the operations and datas, and be easily accessible for authorized users. SAB proposes efficient and reliable solutions and can help you to choose the best ones for your business.

SAB, SaaS banking software designer

The integrated front office solutions for banking SaaS banking software developed by SAB are programmable to include existing regulatory and fiscal constraints. They can also predict the needs of each organization while minimizing costs associated with their deployment and investment. Speaking in particular to banks, IT solutions for banking, designed by SAB should meet their needs in terms of information systems. Having emerged in 1989, SAB publishes, develops, integrates and provides continuous on integrated front office solutions for banking and since before she worked in partnership with more than one hundred companies.

SAB, banking software provider

There have been many changes over the years in how banks deliver their services and SAB has always been at the forefront of these developments. Not so long ago, most banking business was conducted in branch. This was useful in terms of building personal client relationships but could be time consuming for both the bank and their customers. Telephone banking addressed some of these issues but customers still required the assistance of banking staff to complete any transactions and banks had to invest in call centres and staff. Internet banking provided a great leap forward, freeing customers to do their banking whenever and wherever they pleased. Online banking has had a profound effect on the industry. It has greatly reduced the cost of doing business and allowed banks therefore to concentrate resources on offering better products and services. The intervention of banking staff was largely unnecessary and now banks could have new and more efficient services.

The rise of saas banking software

Now the way that technology services are delivered to banks is also changing and saas banking software is at the heart of those developments. Software as a Service, or saas banking software, removes a considerable IT infrastructure burden from the banking client. In traditional banking software deployments, the bank must invest heavily in appropriate technology. Powerful servers must be purchased to run the software and robust back up plans must be in place to cope with any failures. The network itself must have sufficient bandwidth to cope with application data traffic and even user PCs must be capable of running the application. When you add the professional IT staff that is required to ensure proper running of the banking software, it can be seen that this traditional software delivery model can be onerous for the bank. Thankfully, saas banking software from SAB changes all of that.

Benefiting from saas banking software from SAB

With a saas banking software delivery model, the IT overhead remains almost entirely with SAB. Applications are installed on SAB servers and all maintenance, upgrade and management activity associated with the software is carried out by SAB's professional staff. For the banking customer, there is no requirement for any hardware or software purchase and the saas banking software is delivered securely over a fast and reliable link. All that is required to access the software is a standard web browser. This allows banking clients to move quickly in a competitive environment to grasp new business opportunities and launch new services. No longer does the bank have to wait for its IT to catch up. Many clients are talking to SAB about saas banking software and perhaps you should also be talking to us.

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