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Banking and finance are extremely sensitive and strictly regulated activities that required powerful IT infrastructure. SAB proposes reliable Saas banking solutions to all market players, irrespective of their size or volume of customers and transactions.

The benefits of moving to SaaS banking solutions

SaaS banking solutions provider must be selected very carefully to insure smooth processes and safe transactions that allow the bank satisfy and retain its customers. Since the early 90s, SAB has provided more than 200 firms all over the world with comprehensive and efficient software.

Some institutions that already own an adequate IT infrastructure can add specific tools to improve it while others will go for a large-scale deployment to take full advantage of SAB’s advanced features and cutting-edge technologies. The publisher’s team of specialists is ready to develop tailored solutions that perfectly meet each institution’s requirements and constraints.

Unlike traditional deployment models, Saas banking solutions does not require huge investment in hardware, software and human resources. The application is installed on the supplier’s IT infrastructure, which avoids the client firm to purchase powerful servers and data storage solutions. Also, they do not have to pay for very high bandwidth for end-users to fully enjoy all functionalities available.

With the Software as a Service model, the vendor also takes care of maintenance and upgrade, as well as setting up a strong back-up and disaster recovery strategy to prevent any failure. No dedicated IT staff is necessary to manage it, provide technical support and keep all tools up to date. And last but not least, such application covers all aspects of a banking business from Front Office applications to Back Office functions. The aim is to help customers with increase profitability and remain competitive.

SAB, number one customized Saas banking solutions supplier

Freed from the burdens of the handling of technical issues linked to infrastructure, banks can streamline their processes, grasp opportunity and speed up innovation through new products. As far as end-users are concerned, a web browser gives them access to SAB’s Saas banking solutions instead of having to bear licensing costs.

On a quickly evolving market, banks have to be very reactive to respond to their customers’ demands and adapt to emerging technologies. Yet deploying and managing a complex IT infrastructure represents a considerable impediment to their growth whereas integrating SAB core banking software is quick and easy, allowing the bank to focus on its core business.

Thanks to SAB Saas banking solutions, banks are empowered to take up new business opportunities as they arise at a pace that suits their ambitions rather than a pace which suits IT constraints. Relying on almost 20 years of experience in banking software, SAB is the natural choice for all companies interested in using best in class Saas banking solutions.

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