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Saas banking solutions have to be as efficient as safe for the processing of the operations and the datas. SAB proposes reliable IT solutions for banking and financial institution and can help you find the most suitable for your establishment.

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You must choose your provider very carefully to insure the safety of the procedures and transactions that will be made in your bank. Since its arrival on the niche of SI in the early 90s, the company SAB publishes, develops, integrates and provides front and back office applications for banking, and Saas banking software. It has more than 150 references all over the world. Particularly for financial institutions efficient SaaS banking solutions, developed by the SAB group should meet their needs especially if they are managing infrastructure SI. The Integrated banking software and efficient SaaS banking IT tools developed by SAB to determine the needs of each institution and can be programmed based on the environments in which they will be used.

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At SAB, we see our saas banking solutions as being the next step in the evolution of delivering financial software to our clients. Software as a Service, or in our case 'SAB as a Service' provides our clients with compelling business benefits that can increase profitability and hone their competitive edge. In traditional deployment models, any banking software system requires considerable investment in people and technology. The bank's IT infrastructure must be sufficient to cope with the demands placed on it by applications. Servers for example must be powerful enough to run applications and cope with the number of users accessing the software. A comprehensive back up and disaster recovery strategy must be in place to cope with any failures and there must be sufficient storage to cope with the data. Also, our suite of banking applications covers all aspects of a bank's business, from Front Office applications to Back Office functions. We deliver our technology as either a single or an enterprise wide solution encompassing all banking activities.

The power of saas banking solutions

The bank's network must be sufficient to cope with the traffic generated by the application and even users' PCs must be able to cope with the software. IT staff must be on hand to cope with any issues, handle upgrades and compatibility issues and manage the infrastructure. Clearly all of this involves a significant investment in a suitable IT infrastructure and suitably qualified staff. This can place a burden on the bank which slows down innovation and makes opportunity harder to grasp. With saas banking solutions however, the onus is placed upon SAB to handle all of the technical and infrastructure issues. SAB saas banking solutions are delivered to banking clients over a fast and secure link. There is no software to buy and no infrastructure demands over and above a simple web browser.

The business benefits of saas banking solutions from SAB

In today's competitive market, banks must move quickly to seize business opportunities and having the overhead of a complex IT infrastructure can slow that process. Deploying SAB saas banking solutions is fast and easy, allowing the bank to concentrate on its core business. With saas banking solutions from SAB, banks are suddenly empowered to take advantage of new business opportunities at a pace that suits their ambitions rather than a pace which suits IT constraints. Moving nimbly to open up new markets and create new product offerings is a distinct advantage and it is one that many of our clients are beginning to enjoy. Backed by 20 years of experience in banking software, saas banking solutions from SAB are the natural choice.

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