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SaaS core banking solutions specialist

If you want to benefit from all the advantages of a SaaS core banking for the management and the control of the transactions and operations of your bank or financial institution, you have to choose your supplier carefully. SAB offers safe and efficient IT banking solutions that can also be personalized according to the needs of the users.

SAB: IT banking tools specialist

Optimizing the costs of deployment and investment, integrated front office solutions for banking and SaaS core banking solutions developed by SAB can be further programmed according to the ecosystems in which they are deployed. Speaking particularly financial institutions, edited banking IT solutions designed and produced by SAB should meet their needs particularly the need to deploy infrastructure SI. Since its launch in 1989, the SAB Group is specialized in the development, deployment and banking CRM software provider all this time, she has worked with over a hundred companies.

SaaS core banking supplier

At SAB we are determined to provide banking application solutions for our clients that allow them to be more competitive, flexible and agile in their businesses. This is why more than half of our 450 staff is employed in research and development: we are constantly striving to deliver better technology. We have helped our 200 plus clients move smoothly into the online banking age and now we are there to help them embrace Software as a Service (SaaS) technologies. SaaS core banking systems free our clients from the overheads of a complex and costly IT infrastructure and allow them to concentrate solely on the activities that drive profitable business.

The features of SAB SaaS core banking services

Traditional banking application deployments require significant investment in infrastructure. PCs, servers and networks must all be able to accommodate the application and related traffic. The banking institution must also ensure back-up devices and procedures are in place and manage their data security. The relevant staff must also be employed to manage the systems. With a SaaS core banking system many of these requirements are met by SAB instead of the client. SAB handles the infrastructure, applications and security and all the client needs to access the system is an Internet connection, PC and web browser.

Benefitting from SaaS core banking system

The current banking system is hugely competitive and banking institutions must be agile in order to take advantage of new markets and opportunities and remain profitable. Traditional core banking software can be cumbersome but SaaS core banking solutions allow the banking client to move quickly. With a SaaS deployment from SAB, the bank can access the most innovative suite of applications on the market with a simple click of a button. These SaaS deployments allow banks to open up new branches in new territories and instantly access all necessary applications. These are supplied on an ‘as-needed’ basis, allowing smaller concerns to access top-class software in an economical way.

Choosing a SaaS core banking partner

Entrusting your core banking system to a technology partner is a big decision and requires a company with impeccable credentials. At SAB, we have more than 200 banking clients and 25 years of experience in the business. Our clients span continents and all areas of the banking industry, giving us unrivalled industry expertise. With 450 staff to deliver the best solutions on the market, SAB is your ideal SaaS core banking partner, with the resources and knowledge to deliver the best solutions.

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