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SAB has a proven expertise in SaaS core banking editing

Partner with SAB and leverage the advantages of a SaaS core banking software. Supplying global IT solutions to banks or financial institutions since 1989, this publisher allow them make the most of digital technologies. More than 200 modules are included in its software, which enable them cover all banking operations and deliver a great multi-channel experience to their own customers.

The benefits of SaaS core banking software

Optimizing the costs of deployment and investment, integrated front office solutions for banking and SaaS core banking solutions developed by SAB can be further programmed according to the ecosystems in which they are deployed.

When it comes to financial institutions, banking solutions designed and published by SAB are well known for their capacity to respond to a wide range of needs. As a matter of fact, being composed of more than 200 modules, they allow personalized configurations for financial institutions of all sizes and types.

SAB’s entire team is committed to provide its clients with banking solutions that contribute to make them more competitive, flexible and agile. Since digital transformation is now mandatory to stay in the game. Over the years, we have helped more than 200 banking clients on the five continents to migrate to online banking era and now, Software as a Service (SaaS) technologies.

The most cost-effective SaaS core banking solution

Implementing traditional banking software require huge investment to purchase servers, computers and Internet connection to smoothly run the applications without any latency. Banks also have to set up back-up devices and processes to ensure data safety and allow continuity of activity. Furthermore, a qualified team must be dedicated to systems management.

With a SaaS core banking system, the supplier takes the whole responsibility all these technical issues, freeing the client from these constraints. SAB provides infrastructure and applications and guarantees security. Users only need an electronic device connected to Interned and having a web browser installed to access the system. As a result, clients can focus on the activities that bring them real added value.

In a highly competitive and fast-growing market, banks must be very reactive in order to take advantage of new business opportunities hence remain profitable. Since traditional systems do not allow such flexibility, SaaS core banking software are gaining popularity for banks willing to move quickly. With SAB SaaS model, end-users access the most innovative suite of applications on the market directly from their web browser. And since services are supplied on an "on demand" basis, they pay a fair price.

The importance of choosing a trustworthy banking partner

Outsourcing your core banking system to a third-party supplier is a serious matter and requires selecting a trustworthy partner. SAB is a world-renowned company, having almost 30 years’ experience in the business.

Its top-class solutions cover all areas of the banking industry, making them suitable for banks (retail, private, corporate), lending companies, microfinance institutions, fintech, etc. Moreover, it is constantly striving to deliver better technology. This is the reason why more than half our staff, meaning 450 persons, works in R&D to deliver best in class software in line with market development. With its unique expertise, SAB is a partner of choice for all companies seeking a powerful SaaS core banking.

SAB sets itself apart by its comprehensive IT solutions that allow banks to improve customer experience across all channels. Because banks can wait no longer to move forward to digital transformation, this software vendor has a mission to help players in the financial services and banking sector to get to operational excellence and up their bottom line. Composed of 200+ modules, its IT solutions fulfill the banks and financial compagnies specific imperatives.

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