SaaS in the banking industry

SAB is a software development company specializing in SaaS in the banking industry

SaaS software used in the banking industry must meet business requirements, but also comply with all regulatory requirements governing the sector. It is therefore recommended to carefully choose the suppliers from whom to purchase cost-effective back and front office applications. SAB has 30 years’ experience in publishing IT tools that cover all aspects of financial institutions’ business.

Trust SAB for any IT banking tool you need

SAB is an IT software provider for banks and financial establishments that not only proposes upscale products and services, but also good advices for making the right choice of IT banking tools. Meet the needs of financial institutions must manage infrastructure IF, that is what is intended for the efficient SaaS used in the banking industry developed by SAB. As the company never ceases to develop partnerships, it has now more than one hundred organizations, and that, since it invests the IS market in the early 90s.The SaaS banking solutions and integrated front office solutions for banking developed by SAB can be configured according to any constraints (regulatory, tax...), and predict the needs of each institution while optimizing the costs of deployment and investment costs.

Classic IT services and tools in the banking industry

As banks search for ways to be ever more competitive, it is no wonder that SaaS in the banking industry is making such inroads. Technology has become central to the operation of banks and making more efficient use of such systems is key to their future success. Traditional banking application software can come with big overheads. It requires a major investment in servers, PCs, network infrastructure and backup systems. It also requires an expert staff to ensure the smooth running of the systems. The bank must then ensure proper procedures are in place for data security and constantly worry about upgrading their systems to stay up to date. A SaaS deployment could not be more different.

Understanding SaaS in the banking industry

Many institutions who are considering implementing SaaS in the banking industry are attracted by the lower investment costs. Software as a Service (SaaS) does not require the same hardware infrastructure as that of a traditional banking software suite. The system is securely hosted by SAB and all the client requires to access the solution is a standard PC and an Internet connection. This allows the bank to free up resources which can then be focused on those activities that can win and retain business. SAB also takes care of all the maintenance and all those upgrades, making sure that the bank can always benefit from the latest software.

Choosing a partner for SaaS in the banking industry

A bank’s software applications are absolutely crucial to the success of the business. Such applications allow customers to access their accounts and do their banking online. They also keep those funds secure and provide an audit trail for all activities. Clearly, this is no business for the neophyte. SAB has more than 200 banking clients across several continents and 25 years of experience in delivering outstanding software. Our understating of our clients’ business is total and we bring all of that knowledge to bear in delivering our solutions. Now we are introducing SaaS in the banking industry, in order to help our clients become even more efficient and achieve their goals.

Delivering SaaS in the banking industry

At SAB, we have long been focused on helping our clients be more nimble and responsive. This allows them to quickly seize opportunities and remain competitive. By championing SaaS in the banking industry, we are now accelerating those organizations into the next phase of their development. By taking away the issues around deploying software, our clients can move into new territories and markets and have access to these leading applications in an instant.

SAB develops premium software that help banks in creating a positive omnichannel customer experience. Modularity is one of SAB tools’ main advantages ; hence, they cover all banking business lines. In this age where digital banking transformation is critical, partnering with this provider is advisable to move towards operational excellence and increase their profitability. SAB provides customers with professional services starting from business assessment, developing a solid value proposition, integration until staff training and consistent support after go-live.

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