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SEPA payments solutions: opt for SAB

SEPA payment solutions are now one of the best and secured ways for selling and buying in Europe. But you must choose well your suppliers in order to benefit from the advantages offered by the payment methods. SAB is an ideal partner for setting SEPA payment for your business.

SAB: a trustworthy partner

Having emerged in 1989, SAB is a leader in the publishing, design, deployment and support of back office applications for banking and since that time it has continued to develop partnerships with more than one hundred organizations. Meeting the needs of financial institutions in SI, this is what is intended for the banking CRM software and SEPA payment solutions developed by SAB. The back office applications for banking and integrated banking software developed by SAB can be programmed based on existing constraints (regulatory, tax...), and can anticipate the needs of each organization while minimizing costs associated with their deployment and investment.

SEPA payment solutions supplier

The SEPA project is transforming the way banks across Europe deal with payments. From now on, payments across 32 countries will be simpler and faster. Banks need to adapt to this new reality and at SAB we are determined to make it easy for them to do so. We have 20 years of experience in producing highly efficient banking software and we also have more than 200 staff working in research and development to ensure everything we do is more than fit for purpose. It is no wonder then that our clients trust us to develop the perfect SEPA payment solutions for their businesses.

Efficient SEPA payment solutions for more efficient cross-border business

The SEPA system is set to make it easier for banks and individuals alike to do business across borders. Helping our clients to be more nimble is a core part of our mission at SAB and our developers therefore seized on the opportunity to create SEPA payment solutions to allow our clients to do just that. For existing clients, the solution is fully integrated with their SAB AT software but it is also able to communicate with third party software systems. To facilitate this, SAB produces connectors for accounting packages, non-sufficient funds transaction management systems and customer accounts databases. We have also to ensure that the solution incorporates all key SEPA schemes and is capable of rapid deployment and is easy to use.

End-to-end SEPA payment solutions

The new SEPA environment has significantly changed the way that banks operate and has resulted in new clearing mechanisms, new payment instruments and new automatic clearing houses. These new developments mean that banks must respond by creating new systems and procedures to make use of this new landscape. It is vital that any SEPA payment solutions system full complies with the new standards and the SAB system has been designed from the outset to achieve this. It has also been designed to offer a comprehensive solution that applies from the clearing process right up to the website.

Future proofing our SEPA payment solutions

The ongoing work of the bank is clearly vital and SEPA payment solutions are designed to be easily deployed. Its versatile and open architecture is shaped to seamlessly work with any future SEPA enhancements and additional optional services. Security is also paramount and the SAB SEPA system benefits from access level control, audit trails and multiple person validations. As a modular system it is easily integrated with any legacy systems and is robust enough to easily handle a heavy transaction load.

SAB’s back-office solutions for banking can be configured according to existing tax or regulatory constraints. Furthermore, a customized setup allows optimizing operating costs and investment. SAB integrated banking software is designed to meet financial institutions’ needs of a modern information system. Since it entered the IT solutions market in the late 80s, SAB group publishes, develops, implements and maintains integrated front office solutions for banking and now, more than 150 organizations have assigned their confidence.

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