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Rely on SAB, the number one SEPA solution providers

SAB is one of the most reliable SEPA payment solution providers on the market. Thanks to 30 years’ experience in publishing software designed for banks and financial institutions, this company develops advanced tools that comply with regulatory constraints. This gives customers the guarantee of secured transactions for both suppliers and customers.

Why choosing SAB as SEPA solutions providers?

SAB is now one of the leading professionals in the domain of supply of banking and financial operation management software and IT tools that you can approach for finding the ones you need for your business. The SEPA payment solutions form these providers, as the integrated banking software can be configured according to the existing special tax or regulatory constraints, and can anticipate the needs of each institution while optimizing operating costs and investment. Particularly for financial institutions, integrated banking software, developed by the company SAB should meet their needs in terms of SI. Since his arrival on the niche of SI in the late 80s, the SAB group publishes, develops, implements and maintains the integrated front office solutions for banking and now, more than 150 organizations have assigned their confidence.

SEPA payment system: how does it work?

The SEPA project means that people in 32 European countries will enjoy faster and more efficient Euro money transfers and this new efficiency fits closely with our corporate ethos at SAB. With more than 20 years’ experience in developing banking software to enable our clients’ businesses, we know we have the expertise to help our clients take advantage of this new environment. SAB leads the way in making banking software that allows our clients to concentrate on doing business rather than worrying about technology. We help our clients be nimble and responsive to opportunity and customer needs and as leading SEPA solution providers we are taking this approach into an exciting new arena.

Fully functional SEPA solution providers

SAB has looked beyond the technical requirements of the SEPA developments to create a system that more fully satisfies our clients’ needs. SEPA is all about simplifying Euro transactions, so we have taken this as our inspiration in developing a SEPA enabled payments system that is modular and connectable. Our existing clients can rest assured that the system is totally integrated into our SAB AT software suite but as leading SEPA solution providers we also know that it is vital to communicate with external systems. That is why we have developed connectors for key packages such as accounts, customer accounts databases and non-sufficient funds transaction management systems. It is also shaped to be easy to deploy and even easier to use.

Experienced SEPA solution providers

As experienced SEPA solution providers, we at SAB understand the need for our software to extend to all SEPA schemes and to comply fully with all relevant standards. With more than 200 individuals in our research and development team, we have been able to seamlessly achieve these goals. We are also aware of our customers’ desire to have a single, comprehensive system covering all areas and that is why our SEPA solution runs from the clearing process all the way through to the client-facing web front end. The SEPA process has also given rise to new automatic clearing houses, payment instruments and clearing mechanisms and the SAB SEPA system effortlessly makes use of these new features.

Choose to work with leading SEPA solution providers

SAB has long helped banking clients to work more efficiently and be more competitive. We have brought this philosophy to our work as SEPA solution providers and have created software that is modular, open and ready for future developments. Working with SAB means always staying one step ahead of the competition.

SAB sets itself apart by its complete IT solutions that allow banks to provide their customers with a positive digital experience. Because banks can no longer delay their digital transformation, partnering with an experienced supplier is key to get to operational excellence and supplement their outcomes. Composed of 200+ modules, these applications can satisfy the banks and financial institutions specific challenges.

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