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SEPA payment solutions are highly recommended to all companies that buy or sell products and services across Europe. SAB provide reliable and modular tools that comply with all current regulatory constraints and fulfill various business requirements. It is thus the ideal partner to purchase advanced tools and make the best of the most up-to-date digital technologies.

SAB: SEPA solution editor

SAB is one banking and financial IT tools provider that can help you to choose among reliable paperless payments as SEPA or other online payment. Reducing the costs of deployment and investment, SEPA payment solutions and integrated banking software developed by SAB may be further configured to different environments in which they are used. The SAB Group is a benchmark in the development of back office applications for banking which is intended in particular for financial institutions that need to manage infrastructure SI. Having launched in 1989, the company SAB designs, develops, deploys and maintains the banking CRM software and today, more than 150 companies have assigned their confidence.

SEPA solutions suppliers

As a leading banking software solutions provider with more than 20 years’ experience, you would expect SAB to be quick to offer comprehensive SEPA solutions and you would be correct in that assumption. Around half of our 450 staff is involved in research and development, so it is clear that we have the abilities to create a Single European Payments Area (SEPA) system that meets the requirements of our clients. SEPA is intended to simplify cross-border payments denominated in Euros and we have taken that desire for simplification as our lead in creating our SEPA system.

SEPA solutions for streamlined business

The thinking behind SEPA is to make European business more efficient and that fits perfectly with our philosophy here at SAB. We have therefore made our SEPA solutions simple to implement and operate. The software covers the key SEPA schemes of credit transfer, direct debit with shorter time cycles and B2B direct debits. It is a modular system that is also fully integrated within the SAB AT software suite and is easily connected to external data systems. Specifically, SAB makes available connectors to link the SEPA solution to an external customer accounts database, non-sufficient funds transactions management system and accounting package.

Main features of our SEPA solutions system

The harmonisation of the European payment systems has created new payment instruments, clearing mechanisms and new automated clearing houses. This has left financial institutions with the challenge of restructuring their procedures to accommodate these new systems. The SAB SEPA solutions suite is fully SEPA compliant and is a full end-to-end solution that stretches from the bank website to the clearing process. It can route all incoming payment instructions regardless of format and is designed to offer the utmost flexibility to minimise disruption during reorganisation. It has a versatile architecture and is designed to be able to easily accommodate future SEPA updates and additional optional services.

Security and modularity in SEPA solutions

Needless to say the SAB SEPA solutions suite has all necessary security features, like audit trails, access levels and four-eye validations. Being modular, it can be integrated with legacy systems and it is purpose-built to handle significant volumes of transactions within the required timescales. It can be deployed in-house or used as an outsourced service in a SaaS (Software as a Service) configuration. The SAB solution for SEPA is therefore ready to meet all SEPA challenges.

All SAB IT solutions are meant to enable banks seize all opportunities brought by new technologies in this industry and engage users. Made up of 200+ modules, its applications are able to meet the banks and financial institutions specific challenges. Considering the increasing importance of new technologies, SAB’s applications gives a boost to banks’ bottom line

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