Universal bank software

SAB has a strong expertise in Universal bank software publishing

Considering the variety of tools dedicated to financial institutions available on the market, it is highly recommended to choose universal bank software. This avoids compatibility issues with existing IT infrastructure so that all market players fully benefit from the power of digital technologies. Having 30 years’ experience in publishing applications for banking industry, SAB is the reference supplier in this sector.

Why trusting SAB?

Meeting exactly the needs of financial institutions that should deploy infrastructure SI is the reason why SAB Group has gained the reputation as a leader in the edition of universal bank software. Optimizing the costs of deployment and investment costs, integrated front office solutions for banking and integrated banking software developed by SAB are also configurable in different environments in which they will be deployed. Since its launch in 1989, the company SAB publishes, develops, integrates and maintains the back office applications for banking and has more than 150 partners.

Universal bank software by SAB

Universal bank software is at the heart of any banking operation and, if properly delivered, can provide real and measurable business benefits. At SAB, we have over 20 years of experience in delivering universal bank software solutions to over 150 different clients. Our experience and customer feedback informs our development strategy and has led us to engineer fully featured universal bank software covering all areas of banking business. Our universal banking solution has over 200 modules, purpose built to enhance integration between our own and third party applications. The SAB universal bank software solution can be deployed either as a single enterprise wide system or as a set of separate modules for use in a best of breed approach, where the bank retains applications from a number of vendors.

Intelligent universal bank software from SAB

SAB's universal bank software solution encompasses all banking disciplines, from Front Office applications to Back Office systems. Our solution also delivers a suite of adaptable reporting tools, while our customer relationship management (CRM) module transforms data from different sources into real customer intelligence. The CRM system is vital in enhancing profitable relationships with customers and provides the information to inform a responsible lending regime. SAB's universal bank software also includes a workflow application, FlowMind, which allows our universal bank customers to build intelligent decision making into their business processes. Banking customers are well served too, with a comprehensive, multi-channel delivery approach which encompasses online, mobile, ATM and in-branch solutions.

Service delivery to complement our universal bank software

We know that providing excellent software is not enough and our new graphical user interface provides users with an intuitive way of using our applications which greatly aids productivity. We also complement our software with a comprehensive professional services offer. Our clients benefit from expert assistance every step of the way, with pre-implementation scoping and consultancy, integration services, proven project management during deployment and finally tailored support packages post-implementation. We also recognize that certain clients wish to outsource management of their universal bank software solution.

That is why we offer a full choice of Software as as Service (SaaS), cloud computing and facilities management services. Choosing from these services, more and more SAB clients are benefiting from technology delivery models which allow them to concentrate on their business while SAB looks after the IT management. To also achieve more of this, half of our 450 employees are dedicated to research and development and this commitment has allowed us to offer new software delivery models to our clients, such as Software as a Service (SaaS), facilities management and cloud computing. Adopting such strategies has allowed our clients to reduce their IT infrastructure overheads and concentrate on delivering profitable products and services to their clients. With this combination of products and services, it is little wonder that SAB remains at the forefront of universal banking solutions.

All SAB software are meant to allow banks take advantage of the multiple opportunities created by digital technologies in this sector. With 200+ modules, these IT solutions can be personalized according to each company’s particular challenges. Because of their growing role of new technologies, digital technologies radically overhaul banks ways of doing business ; therefore partnering with this specialist is advisable to move towards operational excellence and up their financial results.

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