Universal banking software vendors

Entrust SAB, the number one Universal banking software vendors

For banks and financial institutions, universal banking software vendors are strategic partners of their digital transformation. SAB is a market-leading supplier of back office and front office applications dedicated to finance industry. Thanks to 200+ modules, its IT solutions can adapt to various business requirements and a team of experts ensures personalized support throughout the implementation process.

SAB: universal banking IT solutions designer

Especially designed for banks and financial institutions, banking software published by the SAB Group should meet their particular need to deploy infrastructure SI. Reducing operating costs and investment, integrated front office solutions for banking and universal banking software developed by these vendors may be further configured according to the ecosystems in which they are used. Having been launched in 1989, the SAB Group is a benchmark in the development, integration and maintenance of integrated front office solutions for banking and today, more than 150 companies have placed their trust in it.

Universal banking software vendors

Choosing the right universal banking software vendors is a vital decision for any bank. The technology must be proven and extensive enough to meet all of the bank's requirements. It must also be able to integrate with any of the bank's other technology solutions and provide seamless integration also between its own applications. It must too be able to adapt to meet the bank's specific business needs and be able to change as new ways of doing business open up. As leading universal banking software vendors, our clients can benefit from our 20 plus years of experience. Since 1989 we have successfully deployed our solutions to over 150 clients, positioning us as one of the most experienced universal banking software vendors. That experience has led us to develop a universal banking system that delivers what our customers require.

SAB as leading universal banking software vendors

Our universal bank software solution encompasses all areas of a bank's business. There are over 200 modules covering everything from Back Office systems to Front Office applications. Our software is engineered with a modular architecture which greatly simplifies integration both between SAB modules and third party data sources. Being such experienced universal banking software vendors means that we understand the need for flexibility and our universal banking software can be delivered as either a single system to cover all banking functions or as discreet modules to address the needs of specific business units. Such an architecture allows your universal banking system from SAB to grow as your bank grows.

Choosing SAB as your universal banking software vendors

SAB knows that delivering technical functionality is not enough to be universal banking software vendors of choice. That is why we overlay our technology with business applications such as our multi-channel customer delivery modules, encompassing online, mobile, in-branch and ATM functionality. The SAB solution also incorporates robust and customisable reporting tools, while our FlowMind workflow modules allow the bank's own decision making discipline to be integrated into business processes. To retain our position as leading universal banking software vendors, we also have to make it easier for our customers to use our software and do business. That is why our new graphical user interfaces makes it intuitive and easy for users to work with our applications. We also move with the times to deliver more efficient technologies to our clients. To this end, we offer a full range of Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud computing and facilities management solutions for clients who want us to look after their IT while they look after business.

All SAB software are meant to allow banks grasp all opportunities brought by digital technologies in this sector. Because it’s no longer an option for banks to invest in digital transformation, this software supplier helps players in the financial services and banking industry to move towards operational excellence and increase their financial results. With 200+ modules, SAB IT solutions cover all banking business lines.

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