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Universal banking software with unmatched price-performansce

Universal banking software has the advantage of being compatible with most existing IT infrastructure, which avoids technical issues that may affect business or even cause activity interruption. SAB provides reliable IT tools for banks and financial institutions and high-quality services at all stages of the implementation process.

SAB: universal banking software editor

Since it invests the sector of IT solutions in the late 80s, the SAB Group specializes in the creation, integration and maintenance of integrated banking software and universal banking software. And since that time she has worked with over a hundred organizations. Back office applications for banking which are published by the SAB are intended in particular for financial institutions that need to manage infrastructure SI. The integrated front office solutions for banking developed by SAB are also programmable to any constraints in particular regulatory or tax, and can anticipate the needs of each organization while reducing operating costs and investment costs.

Universal banking software provider

As a market leading provider of universal banking software, SAB has come to learn what our banking clients require of us. Experience is important to them. Their business is complex and requires complete reliability. With such competitiveness and regulation they depend entirely on a system that can deliver. Since 1989 we have been supplying clients with industry leading software and now more than 150 banking institutions benefit from SAB technology. It is easy to see why so many banks see us as their universal banking software partners of choice. Our solution encompasses all aspects of a bank's business. With over 200 modules, we address every need, from Back Office applications to Front Office business. Our software is built on a modular architecture to ease integration and can be supplied as either a single solution to address the needs of an entire banking operation, or as a suite of discreet modules which can be applied to individual banking departments.

The complete universal banking software solution from SAB

Our clients also demand that we move with the times and deliver universal banking software which enhances their business and provides a return on investment right from the outset. That is why our universal banking software also incorporates a customer relationship management (CRM) module. This application brings together data from disparate sources, turning that data into business knowledge and providing a consolidated view of all the bank's dealings with a customer. This in turn creates opportunities for a more profitable client relationship and builds a solid base for responsible lending. Our universal banking software also incorporates a workflow module, MindFlow, which allows the bank to build in its own decision making criteria to business processes.

Universal banking software for the future from SAB

Our clients tell us that they cannot stand still in their business and neither can we. With more than half of our staff deployed in research and development, we are always looking for ways to enhance our offering and provide more value for our clients. That is why our multi-channel customer contact approach incorporates the full range of business channels, from mobile and online to ATM and in-branch functionality. We also strive to develop new and more efficient ways to deliver our universal banking software and our Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud computing and facilities management offerings are becoming more popular with clients who want to concentrate on their core business while we look after the IT.

SAB publishes powerful software that enable banks to improve customer experience on all touchpoints. Scalability is one of these applications’ most important advantages ; hence, they cover all banking transactions. With the increased emphasis on new technologies, having this IT solutions specialist as a partner is strongly encouraged to get to operational excellence and increase their financial results.

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