Universal banking solution

Why using universal banking solution?

Universal banking solution is the best way to have efficient and practical IT tools for optimizing the processing of transactions and operations made in the back or the front office of your bank or your financial establishment, but also to offer your clients easy to use tools for facilitating the communication.

Which universal banking solution should you choose?

The universal banking solutions and integrated banking software developed by SAB predict the needs of each institution and can be programmed based on any particular tax or regulatory constraints, while reducing deployment costs and investment costs. Aimed primarily at financial institutions, the back office for banking developed by the SAB should meet their needs in all domains that concern their SI deployment and management. Since entering the niche of SI in the late 80s, SAB is a reference in the editing, creation, integration of integrated front office solutions for banking and has now over 150 references that trust the quality and efficiency of its products..

The importance of the choice of universal banking solution

Choosing a universal banking solution is a vital decision for any bank. They must assess the expertise and experience of the vendor and review how the functionality of their universal banking solution meets the bank's own requirements. Then they must look at how the universal banking solution vendor delivers its services and reacts to technological advances. At SAB, we believe we have the perfect combination of technology and services to position us the universal banking solution provider of choice. Our comprehensive suite of universal banking applications covers all aspects of a bank's business, from Front Office applications to Back Office functions. Our technology is delivered as either a single, enterprise wide solution encompassing all banking activities, or in discreet modules to address the needs of specific business units where the bank retains third party applications in other areas.

The universal banking solution from SAB

The SAB universal banking solution incorporates a multi-channel approach to customer contact, including online, mobile, ATM and in-branch functionality. The bank's relationship with its clients is managed by a customer relationship management module which brings data together from disparate sources to provide a single view of all bank business with that client. This is vital in ensuring responsible lending services and identifying new and profitable marketing opportunities. SAB's integrated FlowMind workflow application allows banks to incorporate their own decision making policies into the application and the new graphic interface provides users with intuitive ease of use. In short, SAB's universal banking solution provides banks with an end to end solution for all universal banking activities.

Choosing SAB as your universal banking solution provider

SAB has extensive experience in providing our clients with their universal banking solution. Since 1989 we have completed more than 150 successful client deployments. Our technology is backed by a comprehensive professional services offering. SAB's expert consultants will assist our clients throughout the application life cycle, with pre-implementation consultancy and scoping and then robust project management during deployment. In the post-implementation phase, clients will benefit from tailored support services to meet their individual needs. With around half of our staff involved in research and development, SAB is always looking to advances in technology which will improve our clients' competitiveness and profitability. We take time to foster an open, partnership approach with clients and that, alongside our combination of industry leading technology, deep experience and expert services, makes us the ideal choice for all universal banking clients.

SAB’s SaaS banking solutions aim at helping banks deploy a robust IT infrastructure as part of their digital transformation. Moreover, its back-office solutions for banking can be configured to adapt to the environment in which they will be deployed, and help optimizing investment and costs of deployment. Created in 1989, SAB has become a reference in the editing, creating, deploying and integrated front office solutions for banking has more than 150 partners.

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