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Get ahead of your rivals with a Vendor IT banking solutions

As a reference vendor of IT banking solutions, SAB supplies advanced tools but also provides personalized support to customers. From the choice of the software that can perfectly fit their needs, to integration and maintenance after go-live, its team contributes to make a digital transformation project a success.

SAB: reliable banking IT solution vendor

The company SAB, as vendor of IT banking solutions, also publishes, develops, deploys and provides continuous monitoring of the integrated front office solutions for banking. At present, more than 150 organizations trust him. Integrated front office solutions for banking edited by SAB group are solution that should satisfy the needs of financial institutions in terms of information systems. Reducing operating costs and capital costs, the integrated front office solutions for banking and integrated front office solutions for banking developed by SAB are also customized according to the ecosystems in which they are used.

Vendor of IT banking solutions: make the good choice

For any bank, choosing the right Vendor of IT banking solutions is an important decision. Clearly every bank has its own specific requirements but there are some common criteria that every Vendor of IT banking solutions should be able to meet. Obviously experience is vital. The banking industry is complex, competitive and highly regulated. Downtime means loss of reputation, not to mention loss of cash. This is no industry for the novice. Banks also have many disparate business functions, each with its own requirements. A credible Vendor of IT banking solutions should be able to demonstrate a comprehensive suite of applications covering all aspects of the bank's business. Integration is therefore key. The chosen Vendor of IT banking solutions should be able to demonstrate a track record in integrating applications both from their own portfolio and those of third party data sources.

Choosing SAB as your Vendor for IT banking solutions

SAB has been serving clients in the banking industry for more than 20 years. Our technology portfolio is indeed comprehensive, offering solutions to Retail, Islamic and Private banking clients. We also serve credit institutions and our technology can be delivered as an enterprise wide single solution or deployed as specific business modules. Our offering encompasses all of a bank's operations, from Back Office modules to Front Office applications. We also offer a multi-channel approach to service delivery, including online, mobile, ATM and branch functionality. Our data is brought together in our customer relationship management module to provide our clients with clear customer information and real business intelligence. Robust reporting tools underpin our applications and our FlowMind workflow tool ensures that our clients can incorporate intelligent decision making processes into our applications.

Getting more from your Vendor of IT banking solutions

We at SAB are confident that our combination of experience and comprehensive technology positions us as a leading Vendor of IT banking solutions but in order to satisfy the demands of our clients we must go much further. That is why we offer a range of services to complement our technology. Clients can benefit from expert scoping and consulting services in the pre-implementation phase and are supported by proven project management techniques throughout the deployment. On completion of the project, we offer a tailored programme of support services. At SAB, we are confident that this combination of proven technology and expert services together with an open approach to doing business makes us a natural choice as your Vendor for IT banking solutions.

SAB is recognized for its fully integrated IT solutions that allow banks to make customers enjoy a great customer experience. Thanks to an extended set of universal banking functionalities, its IT solutions cover all banking transactions. In this age where digital banking transformation becomes unvoidable, SAB’s applications gives a boost to banks’ bottom line

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